“Legendary” Volunteer Shares Advice, Encourages Participation

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Two years ago, we followed Saw Team Six for a weekend of work.

The volunteer team cleaned up storm damage from April 27, 2011, until the United Way couldn't find them any more jobs in Madison County.

They even have a tree stump to with their name on it up on the wall of the United Way office in Huntsville.

They worked for over a year and a half. In terms of hours served, they can only guess.

Volunteer Lonnie Lewis estimates the team put in over 4,000 hours total.

Now, they're still ready to join in the relief effort for the latest round of storms, organized by the United Way of Athens-Limestone County.

Lewis say,"Whatever it takes. I mean, it's up to the United Way. They've got their volunteers and stuff like that. They're going to put their teams together."

In all the time out on the job, they learned a few lessons.  For instance, they now know the importance of registering with groups like the United Way.

Lewis explains, "That keeps chaos from happening. You get signed up. You got certain areas you go to. You know what you're going to do. You know how you can do things."

Plus, if you sign up to serve, great, but be realistic.

Lewis encourages, "Volunteer for what you can do. Don't try to bite off more than you can chew. Make sure you've got the right equipment."

Because the United Way knows folks that can do the heavy lifting. If you can't, that's ok.

When they sign people up, they do it for all kinds of tasks.

"Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get in there," Lewis advises, "Any little thing like picking up trash just helps the global effort."

From years of clean up to decades of military service - take it from Lewis and his team - you can make a difference.