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UPDATE: Education Leaders Hatch Plan for South Lincoln Elementary School Eagles

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) – Lincoln County School Leaders Wednesday were busy devising a plan to allow South Lincoln School students to finish their school year.

Wednesday Director of Schools Wanda Shelton released the following message outlining her plan:

After long meetings with leaders and staff at the four schools with students directly impacted by the storms on Monday night, we have reached a decision about how to relocate SLES students and staff for the next few weeks. The decision was made to use the FES building because although the SLES building was badly damaged, the FES community was also hard hit. By having these students and staffs share a building, we have all of our children under one roof, in one area of the county, and looking each day at a working cafeteria, gym, computer lab, and playground.

We had numerous volunteers who were willing to open their doors to our students, but that would have meant splitting up our students and our staff. No one wants one classroom in a church in Fayetteville while another is in a church in SLES zone. We need all the services under one roof to allow our children to feel ‘normal’ for the next 3 weeks.

We are one community, one family, and we were of one heart on this - our team should be together for the next 3 weeks. FES and SLES communities were hard hit and this impacts our feeder schools at NGA LCHS. We have a plan that will work. We want your support. We will have things we have to adjust, but we are working for our students and our community.

  • FES staff and SLES will all report to FES on Monday morning at their regular arrival time. All FES and SLES staff will be able to work, be paid, and have their full-time jobs as normal. They will all work their regular hours in that building each day. This includes janitors, cafeteria workers, educational assistants, SPED assistants, all teachers, coaches, administrators, etc.
  • Buses will run for students going to FES and the students will be taken to school at the regular time each morning. They will be fed breakfast and lunch at school. They will have class in the morning and will be dismissed on a schedule to be released this afternoon but around 11:30 am. We will have a complete car rider and bus schedule to hand out by the end of the day today. Child care will be provided for those students who need to remain at school after the 11:30 dismissal and those children may be picked up by parents in the afternoon. Pre-K and CDC children will remain all day and have classes as usual. There are NO CHANGES in Pre-K or CDC programming for FES. SLES does not have an on-site Pre-K or CDC program.
  • Students in the SLES and FES zones who are in grades 9-12 will be picked up as usual and transported to LCHS and NGA as usual. If there are areas where we cannot run bus service, we will have a drop off/pick up site in the SLES zone at Lincoln Baptist Church and at FES school for any 9-12 children who needs bus service.
  • Many homes and family’s lives have been damaged and are still damaged. We will provide shower facilities for students who do not have power or water if they can arrive prior to the start of the day. Just let us know Friday or Monday that you need that service. This is true for SLES, FES, NGA, and LCHS students.
  • SLES students will be picked up and delivered to FES mid-day. They will be fed lunch and then have class from about 12:00 noon until 3:30. Buses will then return these children to their homes. Child care will be provided for parents who need to send their children in the morning and avoid leaving children home alone. You will need to sign up for morning child care either tomorrow or Monday. We have both on-site and off-site morning childcare opportunities.
  • After school child care and students that were invited and attending LEAPS will continue from 3-5:30 will be continued for both FES and SLES students as usual but will be located at FES. Parents will provide transportation from childcare and LEAPS.
  • We will have EOC and TCAP tests next week. We want our students and teachers to be able to have a stress free opportunity to show how hard they have worked all year. We have children who have set goals and who really want to reach their goals for 2014. One teacher described it to me like this, “We have practiced for the game all year and now we want to win the state championship.” I want our children to be told from day one that we will make this as much fun as we can and that we will all work together to be #1.