Athens Utilities Crews Work to Restore Power Across Limestone County

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Monday’s tornado knocked out power to 16,000 people.  As of Tuesday evening, emergency crews have that number down to 5,900 after a full 24 hours of work.

Crews from Decatur Utilities, Scottsboro Utilities, Tullahoma, Tenn., Benton County Electric Service in Tennessee, and Florence Utilities are helping with the effort, working around the clock.

“The serious issue related to that is there are major utility lines and poles that have been snapped into two,” said Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks.

Marks is in touch with power crews. Crews from Decatur, Florence and Scottsboro are all helping Athens Utilities.

“These guys are so great. They’re on the ground. They are working. We just hope and pray we don’t get hit with another squall line this afternoon,” add Marks.

Power crews are working around the clock.

“This next round of 8,000 or so customers is major damage. We are talking about lots of huge power poles to be erected, put in the ground and wires to be strewn,” added Marks.

Most of the remaining customers are west of Athens in the Coxey area.

Tom Sisk has his fair share of customers. He heads Limestone County Schools.

“We will take care of school when the right time is in place. But, right now, we want to take care of you and do what we can to do that,” said Sisk

Sisk decided to close all Limestone County Schools Wednesday. He tells us there are too many schools without power.

“Some may get up as early as today. It depends upon where the school is located and the damage in that part of the county,” added Sisk.