Southbound lanes of I-65 shut down in Morgan County because of damaged bridge

People Cleaning Up Damage Near DeKalb/Etowah County Line

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ARONEY, Ala. (WHNT) - There is a lot of storm damage in southern DeKalb County along the line with Etowah County.

The damage is centered around County Road 4 near the intersection with 452.  If you're on one side of the road you consider yourself in the Aroney community of DeKalb County.  If you're on the other then you think of yourself as being in the Smith's Institute area of Etowah County.

But last night, the tornado didn't care which side of the road anyone was on.

There are several mobile homes in the area, but the lack of injuries is being credited with people taking the threat seriously and getting out.

It's believed a tornado touched down along County Road 4 early Tuesday morning.  The damage is widespread and will take a long time to cleanup.

"Oh God, it was devastating to say the least. You know, everything you've worked hard for, it's just gone," said Lauren Cash.

Cash and her husband lived in a mobile home that used to sit along the road, but what's left of it is now about 50 yards away.

The two of them decided to get out before the storm came, a decision many others made as well.

"We were at my mother-in-law's. They have a basement," Cash said.  "A lot of our neighbors and people around the community were there too. There were probably about 20-25 people there."

The decision to get out of mobile homes is the reason many people believe there were no deaths or even injuries in this area despite the deadly potential.

A few people were trapped inside homes and shelters for a while, but no one had to go to the hospital.

"I mean, I thank the good Lord. He had his hand on a lot of people around here," said Cash.  "You see the devastation and not one person was hurt. No fatalities. I mean, seriously."

The National Weather Service was not able to get to Aroney on Tuesday to do a storm survey because of the threat of more severe weather.  That should happen tomorrow.