Amazing Aerial Photos of Storm Damage in Lincoln and Limestone Counties

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) – Devastation is widespread throughout Lincoln County after a strong storm hit Monday night.

Two people died in the Flintville area on Monday evening when a large tornado hit, according to Lincoln County Sheriff Murray Blackwelder. Read more information on the damage here.

Marty Sellers with SellersPhoto, north Alabama’s leading provider of aerial photography for realty, development, construction, roofing, advertising and legal needs, took to the skies Tuesday to capture a unique perspective on the damage.

The photos really give you and idea of the power of the storm that hit Lincoln County.

These are only part of the photos taken by Sellers. To view them all, visit SellersPhoto’s website by clicking here.

These photos are not for redistribution. All rights reserved by SellersPhoto.


  • Mark Cumber

    Captions would be nice. Yeah, that’s some heavy destruction, but the message is not quite as powerful if you have no idea WHAT THE HAPPY HELL IT IS!
    This Sellers quack could be showing me snapshots of Oklahoma, for all I know!

  • Jean

    Basic journalism – who, what, when, where – this article is just free advertisement provided by tv station for SellersPhotos!

  • Jim

    The really has some detailed photos of the tornados. I went through it yesterday and was looking at the April 27,2011 pictures thinking it was from Monday…Either way pretty graphic stuff..

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