Photo Gallery: April 28, 2014 Storms

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TENNESSEE VALLEY, (WHNT) – The Storm Prediction Center has placed the Tennessee Valley under a tornado watch until 9:00 PM Monday. This is being classified as a “Particularly Dangerous Situation,” which is terminology reserved for more rare high-end events. Click here to view our severe weather live blog.

If you have a weather photo you’d like to add to the gallery, the best way to get it to us is to click the “Submit Your Photo” button below and upload it directly to the gallery. We will check your submissions and approve them as they come in.

Do not put yourself or others in danger to take a photo of severe weather. Please stay weather aware. You can check the latest on the WHNT Forecast page or on our weather blog,




  • Jeanne

    We went to the Trinity town shelters. They have two, but one although installed on the slab, was never finished being installed. So one shelter was full when we got their and my husband and I, and many others were left on the road, looking for some place else to go to get shelter. While one big shelter right next to the first one they had installed… sat empty and closed. Why, because the town never finished the installation. I heard others saying they were going to drive all the way to the Decatur Court House. It was a dangerous situation to be in a car, and the town should have been prepared with completed shelter because the tornado season began. I think it was irresponsible. They are fixing up the parks which is nice, but I’d rather be alive…then I could use them.

  • Tom

    Prayers go to all those who were affected by these horrible storms. I’m glad that we had time to know they were coming, but that doesn’t do much for making their impact less. May God’s loving arms hold you all close and keep everyone safe.

    I’d be interested to know if there are any volunteer groups formed to help with clean up. I’d rather be doing that today, than my real job….

    If there’s any such groups, please post them here.

    Thank you.

  • Bill Moore

    We watched Jason Simpson’s coverage of the storms last night. He did a yeoman job. I’m sure he was completely fatigued at the end of the night. His great knowledge and dedication was constantly on display. I was especially impressed with his knowledge and familiarity with the terrain and landmarks of north Alabama. I flipped to some of the other channels occasionally, but they could not compare. Weather men were not as knowledgeable and maps and graphics were not as good. In a dangerous situation such as this, we are fortunate to have to have channel 19, and especially Jason Simpson.

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