Three Deadly Accidents, No Seat Belts

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DEKALB COUNTY/MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – There were three deadly accidents over the weekend. Three people died, none were wearing seat belts.

Alabama State Troopers report a DeKalb County crash claimed the life of a Valley Head woman.

Morganne Brooke Neeley, 21, was killed when the 2008 Hummer she was driving left Interstate 59, five miles south of Fort Payne.

Troopers say the Hummer overturned, and Neeley, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected. She died at the scene.

It happened around 6:35 A.M. Saturday. Troopers are investigating.

The second of three fatalities where the driver was not wearing a seat belt happened Saturday in Morgan County.

Patricia Louise Lavrich, 28, was driving north on Highway 157 when she spun into the median and then into ongoing traffic. Troopers say that’s when an 18-wheeler t-boned her. She was not wearing a seat belt and died at the scene.

Troopers are investigating another fatal Morgan County accident Saturday. Kyle Patrick Martin, 25, was killed when the 1987 Toyota pickup he was driving left Apple Grove Road and struck a tree. 

Again, Troopers say he was not wearing a seat belt and he died at  the scene.

They are investigating all three accidents.


  • Jim

    Well if they had been wearing them they couldnt of done worse than what happened to them..My best friend died due to not wearing seatbelt otherwise the accident was survivable. You have to always wear seat belts..

  • Skillpot

    It is impossible to help smart people! It is not to say that they would have survived, if they had been wearing seat belts, but, being lame for the rest of their life would have been worse!

    Remember, if YOU have made the Right Choice, there is a better place after death!

  • Calvin Sanders

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