School Closings for Wednesday, April 30

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(WHNT) – The following school systems will be closed on Wednesday, April 30 due to extensive storm damage and power outages.

Wednesday, April 30th:

  • Cornerstone Christian Academy – Delayed two hours Wednesday
  • DeKalb County Schools – Delayed two hours Wednesday
  • Limestone County Schools – Closed
  • Lincoln County, TN Schools – Closed


We will update this list if more school systems contact us about schedule changes.


    • You-Know-Who

      My mom just got a call about Huntsville City. IF they need to close early parents will be notified no later then 10 am.

    • Ashleigh

      The problem is with Huntsville City Schools is that we’re taking a lot of tests such as the End Of Course tests and they don’t want us missing them.

    • Lance Bernhardt

      My name isn’t Charley, but I can reply to your question by telling you that Huntsville City Schools hasn’t announced yet if they are canceling or delaying or dismissing school early. They usually wait until almost the last minute to tell people whether or not they are doing anything with school-related closings, delays, and the like. Like today, on a previous message I heard the night before, they said they were going to notify parents by 10:00 a.m. Monday morning if anything would happen. Guess when the call came saying they were dismissing school early? It came at like 9:32 a.m. Monday morning, only 30 minutes before they said the latest they would notify people. Unfortunately, that’s just how they operate.

    • Robbie

      I agree schools should be closed when there is any chance of severe weather. We don’t know for sure what time it will hit ,it could be while dropping them off or more likely while picking them up before anyone can make it home.

    • Richard Charlton

      Well i agree with this but you have to think, some schools are good shelters. at the same time they shouldnt be sending students to school with tornadoes in the forecast they made us go to school when the tornadoes came last time. it was an outrage.

  • Tracie Cooper McKelvin

    The children’s safety is most important. With all the stress of impending weather going on, why not cancel school to avoid the bus drivers having to transport our children in inclement weather conditions facing traveling among panicking drivers who will be trying to make it home before the weather becomes too severe. We all know that this time of year has dreadful reminders of April 27, 2010 and not being prepared.

  • jc

    morgan county, hartselle city and decatur city was on here earlier and now none of the three are showing ..????

  • Billy

    Children’s safety most important? Wrong! Getting credit for a day’s attendance is most important which is why all the schools above are open in the morning. If safety was the #1 goal, they would cancel the whole day.

    • Tracie Cooper McKelvin

      Billy, we know that attendance is the most important to them, but to us parents our children’s safety is first and I could care less about numbers that can be revamped. I cannot get the same child again.

    • Terry Le Dactyl

      You are so right!!!!

      During the April 27 tornados, I had to pick my daughter up from Mountain Gap Middle School around 2pm (?). If I remember correctly, the school system “already” had the children go into school late that day. I remember going to work at 8, leaving work to take the kids to school mid-morning and then receiving another call to pick them up early later that afternoon. O_O

      Note: I almost couldn’t leave work to get her, because our company had us on lock down.

      Immediately afterwards, as my daughter and I were trying to drive home we were slammed by extreme winds and large hail that completely dislodged the back glass window on our convertible. As a huge black wall of clouds moved west of us, we had to stop the car under a gas station roof, off the parkway and wait it out.

      I’ll bet I’m not the only one with a story about having to pick their kids up from South Huntsville that day. Huntsville City Schools could have made a concrete decision the night before and all the fear and confusion would have been avoided.

    • ms.k

      Don’t forget, they need the federal dollars for lunch as well!! In 2011, my kids’ school dismissed after lunch, in the middle of the tornado outbreak, but they got all the free and reduced kids’ lunches paid for!

  • Penney Leslie

    By morning if there are tornado warnings, they will cancel everybody. Schools get paid by the day for being in session. You can’t just say close. The budgets are already used by this point in the year plus they have to make these days up if they close and nothing happens, which does happen a lot. Try being understanding to both sides.

    • Amanda

      If it is a state of emergency like all the times before they will not have to make up those days missed either.

    • MadisonCountyMom

      I appreciate what you’re saying, Penney, and yes, we should be understanding to all sides…to a point. The issue is that, historically, Madison City, County, and Huntsville City release their students at very dangerous times in the name of “getting the day in.” A Madison City high school principal, on multiple occasions, has recognized the danger and gone above the super’s head to release the students before it became too dangerous. Good thing, too, since on each occasion, the official dismissal time turned out to be the exact time the weather hit the city.

      The fact is, we’re sick of the top dogs playing politics with our children. If these people weren’t supposed to be in a profession that serves children, we might not expect as much. But, they hold positions to which thousands of people entrust their children for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We expect that it be very obvious that the safety of the kids comes first.

      • Terry Le Dactyl

        Well stated MCMom.
        Please see my “reply” comment above (8:02 pm).

        We live in SE Huntsville. On April 27, all the children and their parents leaving home and work, were put in danger taking their children back and forth to school that day…twice.

        We were lucky. We only lost a back car window that afternoon.

      • Linda Moberg

        I too must agree with you as well. When the tornado of Nov ’88 or ’89 went through and was so severe students were kept at school in Huntsville for fear of them being caught in case of the tornado. No one expected them to be this bad. Apr 27, ’11 was horrific as it too went through. My son and his girlfriend and my middle grandson live out in Harvest and were lucky enough to have a neighbor with a storm shelter. Though there home was spared and those in their neighborhood many of my former students from the old Sparkman HIgh School (now the middle school), lost everything. One student even lost her life as a result of a house collapsing and she died in the rehab center, she was quite young and had a young son who was safe, and his grandmother was in serious condition. This scares me as many of you as well. In Madison County and probably the same now the Madison City has it’s own school system, if the kids stay in school til 11:30 AM they will receive credit for a full day and won’t have to make it up if they run out of days used for such events. The kids and adults as well are most important and missing a day because of the severe weather threat, especially tornadoes, is serious and should be our first priority. Let’s hope and pray, that all are safe and we miss the threat of these storms all over, not just here in AL. Our prayers go out to those in Arkansas and OK for those who were lost, as well as other states in the line of storms who had damage.

    • Robbie

      If they have ever been in just a small tornado they wouldn’t think $$$$ they would think safety & say CLOSED for the day….

  • connie

    Parents do not have to wait for someone to close the schools over bad weather concerns.It is your option (the parent) to keep your child home or whever you need them to be to protect them. However if the school has a shelter and you don’t , then they are better protected at school.

    • MadisonCountyMom

      Connie, that is a great point, and one that should be taken very seriously. Depending upon the structure of one’s home, the children could be safer at school. The EF Scale damage classifications put an elementary school at moderately safe. Ceiling structure is a concern on long hallways, and a wind-tunnel effect possibility, but that is still safer than many homes, especially if the school doesn’t sustain a direct hit.

      Parents never need to be made to feel afraid to enact whatever plan they believe is safest for their own children. It would be nice to be able to feel that there is a partnership between the school system leaders and the parents on that matter,though.

      • lindamo27

        I agree too with you and several other concerned moms and dads in this thread. My son was at what was Madison Middle school several years ago. My daughter then in about 8th grade and in the same school was sick that day and stayed home. We were safe as we live on the side of a mountain and for the most part only heavy winds are our major concern. My son was at school they were taken into the hallway and a set of doors just up from where he and others were sitting in the hall were blown open He said the pressure in the hall was actually quite strong and he and another student tried closing the doors. This was from a possible tornado that DID NOT touch the ground, but had caused tremendous wind shirr and also pressure inside the school. Schools do tend to be safer, but as we all know Apr 27, 2011 is still fresh in our minds where schools were completely destroyed and deaths were quite high. As a former substitute teacher from ’88-’98 I do agree that sometimes the threat of severe weather is thought about way too long and could possibly lead to danger for our kids, but there are those parents who get upset if nothing happens and they had to stay home from work, find a sitter, etc because they were too cautious. Well I’d rather be safe than sorry in my book. Even some jobs should be let out early or at least give the employee the opportunity to leave early without losing pay as this is an act of God as some say and we shouldn’t have to worry whether we or our kids are safe because of work. I know many can’t afford to take off, but at these times there should be a way to let people leave without penalty and not have to worry about their families; Many live outside Huntsville/Madison area travelling an hour some even more to work and shouldn’t have to worry if they or their families make it home safely. Hopefully the one comment that started with Waa Waa, about our kids and ourselves because it may not happen, may be the one, and I pray not who will be first in line to sue for harm done to a family member because they were NOT released early and possible hurt or even traumatized by the severe weather.

    • Robbie

      This is so true Connie, but they still want a excuse for them being absent, Sometimes they go as far as wanting a Doctor excuse. When they know why we kept them home.

  • DT

    of course Madison City, Huntsville City, and Madison County has to be the last minute decision makers!!! Ugh!

  • Gator

    They don’t close them cause they lose money. Just like they will not suspend the really bad kids cause of the almighty $$$

  • MadisonCountyMom

    I’ll tell you what I find almost hilarious:
    We just got a call from our school’s principal stating that we should have our kids at school before 7:45 with bells on, because their ACT-Aspire test is this week and they begin testing tomorrow. Um. Really? That ought to go well, between all the trips to the hallway. Results will be fantastic, I’m sure. This is poor planning. Not on the part of our principal; I happen to know that she has been on the phone advocating for safety over appearance on multiple occasions. Her hands are tied, though, when the system makes a decision that she is required to implement.

    No way are they getting Monday AND Tuesday’s worth of testing in. Maybe parts, but I cannot imagine any of it will be in an ideal testing environment. The kids’ state of mind will be detrimental to their scores, as we have a large number of students whose homes were entirely blown away on April 27th, and they will be distracted and on edge, if not completely terrified. Our superintendents need to know the overall student make-up a little better than this.

    • Connie

      There is a makeup day for ACT testing as well, so if they need to, they can delay. I don’t know how that particular school system is, but I know that the system for which I work tries to err on the side of caution and keep our kids safe. (Of course, people complain about that as well).

      And for the people mentioning dollars. . . well, if we make up the days, I think we get paid for that day as well–except that a large percentage of parents keep their kids home those days, but a large percentage keep them home on bad weather days as well.

    • Kim

      Michelle, you know lincoln county schools aren’t going to close. They start TCAP this week. And if alabama schools are closing til 12-1. They are definitly not going to close. Its all about the almighty dollar.

  • Brandi

    what are the details of the Madison County School Systems.? There always the last to delay and or cancel schools.. they need to understand if this weather as bad as it is being proposed.. then they need to close all school systems around the “Dangerous” places.

  • MadisonCountyMom

    Well, I take back my criticism. Looks like the county schools are making a smart decision this time. Much appreciated!

  • abby

    I don’t think that the kids should have to go at all tomorrow, because of the risk that we are looking at. I do remember April 27. 2011. That was so crazy getting to my kids before it all hit. They should just go ahead and close just in case.

  • Stephanie

    Everyone please chill out. Surely by now we all know how this goes. I can promise you all that whatever schools are not already listed or were listed but taken off the list, will all be listed by 5AM in the morning at the very latest ;including schools that some of us have probably not even heard of. Just saying:)

    • Kathy

      I’m keeping my kids home today .dekalb county schools wait late to tell if their closing early and i don’t always get a message . When the snow hit I got the call 15 late to pick them up and we got stuck on the roads because of ice

  • Maurice Smartt

    Huntsville City Schools never get out for anything. If there were a tornado coming through and they know about it will would be at school. I do NOT understand.

  • bob the builder

    Really people just really how about you just wasting your freaking time posting these stupid comments i understand you want your child to be safe but don’t freaking post about TAKE ACTION INTO YOUR ON HANDS. either dont send your child to school or just waist your time typing on the freaking comment section GET A LIFEEEEEEEE

    • Terry Le Dactyl

      Builder Bobby,
      I cannot hear or read grammatical errors without wincing.
      Your uppercase passion, overall grammar, spelling and punctuation errors are startling. In your defense, you’re probably angrily slamming buttons on a smart phone?

      That being said, I do wish that people would stop asking if their school will be open tomorrow. Why are they not looking at the list above?

  • Jill

    My kid’s schools are closing early, but I’ll probably just keep them home. It’s not like any work will be done in that short time. I’m just glad to see lots of the schools reporting early so people can plan.Ji

  • Rachael

    Waah! Don’t get me wrong here, my girls are very precious to me but for all you parents who think making these decisions are easy and THINK you can do it better, home school is an option. Good grief! Keep your kids home if you want to, it’s your choice!

  • john

    ok in this day and age parents have become bigger whiners then the kids. oh my god what is wrong with you people. you complain when schools dont close and complain when schools do close and days are added at the end of the year. down here we get out of school for dustings of snow up north goes in three foot or more. tornados are a big deal but most of the time the kids are safer at the school than at home. in 1989 i was living in a trailer on johnson road and watched the tornado go overhead and wipe out airport rd. in 2011 i was coming home driving a tractor trailer and drove into the mess in birmingham before coming home for the tornado to come thru on the night of the 27th when power went out for 5 days. in 1974 at my grandparents house, the house across the street was taken out by a twister. my kids will get up and go to school tomorrow like nothing is different and if the school releases then we will pick them up but all this fear of storms that parents have nowadays is ridiculous. if storms bother you that bad keep your kids home, build a storm shelter, put them in it and hope for the best or live your lives and quit complaining

    • Michael

      Thank you, John, and I completely agree! As parents, one of our responsibilities is to protect our kids. If you feel your kids are safer staying home, then keep them home. My kids will be going to school and will pick them up when the school lets out. If I did decide to keep my them home, then I dare the school system to question it. Too many times, parents look to others to be be “the parent”. They are your children; step up and be a parent.

  • baby2014

    Just got a call from HSV city schools and they are “monitoring” the situation and will advise if closings will occur!!!!

  • Gary Taber

    As a school bus driver for Huntsville City Schools, I can tell you that the kids are MUCH safer in the school than they are in a bus. If I’m in a Tornado Warning zone, I pray I can find a sturdy building or a ditch to off load them into! HCS needs to have an early dismissal tomorrow, as the peak period is now claimed to start a 2pm…..that’s one half hour before I normally board my Grade School students. I then return at 3pm and take my Middle School students home….finishing at 4:10PM.

  • Jimmy

    Yep, kids will be safe in wood frame houses, alone, while their parents are at work instead of a cinder block/brick school.

    It’s all about liability and lawsuit crazy parents.

  • Debbie

    Glad my kids were at school whe the last storm hit! Our home was roofless and flooded! Plus the schools are a lot safer than most homes!!
    Although I was a nervous wreck trying to get to them,a 7minute drive
    2 1/2 hours later we were all together and fine!

  • Jeff

    Being a school system official, if you are uneasy about taking your children to school, use your judgment and keep them at home. You do not to take them to school. The children will be excused from school due to the weather conditions. Most systems are postponing their ACT Aspire and End of Course testing until later in the week. Madison County will not start testing until Wednesday at the earliest.

    • Angie

      School system official, care to share which one. Would like a name to throw out when they say my kid needs an excuse for missing it.

      • Me

        It shouldn’t matter if they ask for an excuse. Just say it was for weather. It’s not like the school system will do anything over absences unless they are excessive. Do whatever you feel is best for your child, don’t worry about the excuse part of it as it really is not taken seriously in most schools.

    • Brooke

      You know when I was in school back in the late 90’s if a tornado came then they kept us at school. I agree a lot of times it may be safer but I always thought ( back then) if a tornado comes I would rather be with my family. Anyway, after the disaster years ago where they kept kids at school then the school got hit and it killed a lot of kids, since that they let the kids go home now. The problem is that, some schools, are BAD about waiting til the last minute to announce closings or delays. At Boaz city schools the kids have actually got ready and are at school when they announce they are closing or delaying. When it snowed, the kids got out and drove on very icy roads and slipped and slid all over the roads only to get there and be let out. This week they’ve been having the ACT tests, as are most local schools, I think. One thing I can say about Boaz is they at least postponed those tests til Wed. All schools that were affected should of postponed them considering that test is so important. Really IMO they should of waited to start them back til Monday because after going through all this or having family that got their homes blown away, do they really think the kids are gonna be able to concentrate on the test? Another crazy thing was, after sitting up half the night Monday night and a lot of kids still being without power Boaz ( and other schools I’m sure but I just know of a Boaz personally) didn’t postpone or close Tues. Instead they had tired kids driving to school super early in the morning only to be sent home mid day. If they weren’t gonna close all day, which they should of, I feel it would of made a lot more sense to have them postponed til midday instead of the other way around. The weather didn’t even get bad here this afternoon. I wouldn’t of sent my kids to school at all Tuesday after sitting up half the night or worse a lot of us were not just sitting up all night but were hunched in the safest areas of our homes taking cover. I see that Dekalb county is closed Wed., but why hasn’t Etowah county closed as well? The tornado that hit our area came right up through the mountainboro, Sardis, and even some parts of Boaz areas. All of which are in Etowah county! Smith’s Institute which sits sort of on the line between Etowah and Dekalb counties and has kids that go to Sardis ( etowah co) and Crossville ( Dekalb co) was hit hard ( some people even saying that a lot of the area and houses were wiped out and looked like a war zone). So why hasn’t Etowah county announced closing Wed? Up until 8pm lastnight there were still people without power and they may still be IDK, but if people don’t have power to get ready then I just do not feel like the schools in that area should be opened. Personally, I feel like when it comes to school closings that it should be based on a school to school basis not a whole county. I realize they don’t wanna have to make up days, but since it was declared a state of emergency I don’t think they are required to make up the days. And if they do not cancel school Wed. I feel like the major testing such as the ACTs should be postponed til Monday, that way if parents feel they need to keep their children home they won’t be missing too much. Also I don’t think they should be required to provide a dr.excuse to make up the work they missed.

  • Jennifer D

    The bottom line is that parents are in charge of their children. If you do not want them at school today, then don’t send them!! Take responsibility for your family!!!!

  • Community member

    Uah needs to take care of their students and let out for this afternoon. I would have class from 3-9 during the roughest part of the storm this evening. That’s not safe or fair to make me be in a tornado for finals.

  • Ider Student (:

    Has anyone heard anything on DeKalb?? We are always last to know when we are getting out I mean we are in school now and we probably wont know until 20 minutes before they release us….its ridiculous.

  • Lizzy Freeman

    It’s 9:30 and Madison city schools are still in session. No say on if we get out early or not. Why are they waiting so long to give an answer when it’s windy and storming outside?

  • Wills Anastas-King

    Huntsville City Schools: High Schools and Elementary Schools are out at 11:30, Middle Schools are out at 12.

  • Happy Huntsville City Student

    Finally. we finally heard something. Only downer is my school is in testing. Dont know how that will work.

  • You-know-who

    Madison City Schools: High School and Middle Schools will close at 11:30, Elementary schools will close at 12:00

  • Art Moore

    1966: McKinley Junior High. Played a softball game outside during PE class while the rest of the school hunkered down in the hallway for a Tornado going by.

  • Christopher

    What about? What about? What about? If you do not see it on the list, that must mean it is not closed. Instead of typing your question into the world of what about, then perhaps you should wait until it is posted.

  • MadisonMom3

    WHY do the buses run for the middle and high school first and THEN pick up the elementary kids in Madison City??? The little kids want to go home in bad weather AND have to wait almost an hour after the big kids are dismissed.

    • MadisonCountyMom

      There’s actually a logical reason for this: a large number of middle and high school kids have elementary-age siblings. Since the dismissal is occurring in the middle of many parents’ work day, the idea is to get the big kids home before the younger kids so that they will not be dropped off to an empty house. Also, this makes it possible for teenagers to go to the elementary schools to pick up their youger siblings or kids they babysit. It’s a huge help to parents who work, I’m sure.

  • Ticked Off parent

    I think the solution is to get rid of Casey WARdinky…..out Huntsville City Schools are Failing, he puts our kids in danger of tornados and tries to change our School names with his “new school names” and heaven forbid a parent try to communicate with him. HE REFUSES TO SPEAK WITH PARENTS DIRECTLY, LETS HIS SECRETARY DO THE DIRTY WORK OF TELLING PARENTS HE DOESN’T HAVE “TIME” FOR PARENTS, THAT’S WHAT HE HAS STAFF FOR…. IN MY Opinion Huntsville City school parents should give him a personal escort ‘OUT OF HUNTSVILLE AND OFF THE SCHOOL BOARD”, before our kids get hurt and get someone in there that is interested in our kids learning, helping the failing schools, and not interested in sending our kids out in tornadoes to attend failing schools……

    • Hannah

      AMEN. I am a student and I agree with this completely. All Casey Wardinnski (or however the check you spell that) cares about is the schools having “perfect attendance records”. Am I the only one who thinks the students safety should be a higher priority than the attendance records?

  • wtf hcs?

    Is power restored to all of Huntsville? If HCS pulls some complicated plan where some schools get out and others don’t and wait till seven thirty to call then half the schools will be empty!

  • Person

    Madison county schools should be closed the sirens have gone off like 5 times since 4:00 this is ridiculous we have to go to school I thought our safety came first but obviously not!!!😡

  • Jessie Foutch

    MADISON COUNTEY needs to be closed or delayed, because we are havinr tornado alarm going off. Almost everyone in hazel greeb in oit of power. Also trees are down everywhere blocking neighborhoods and blocking roads.

  • Person

    My friends out got torn down by a tornado who goes to my school and they still haven’t closed Madison county 😡

  • teacher/parent

    They need to close arab city schools need to close I mean for real guys what if they get there and here comes a tornado kids would go nuts and scream and cry close them for the love of god close them

  • MEM

    CLOSE ARAB CITY SCHOOLS my child cant make it im scared shes going get to school and theres going a tornado I have to work how am I going pik her up close them whos with me whos with the MEM

  • Brad Priest

    Any updates on Sparkman High School in Harvest, Alabama? I don’t wanna send my brother to school while I’m at work then they get out early and I wont be able to pick him up.

  • Tina

    Why is Huntsville City schools not on the list of closing or early dismissal, we have all this flooding all around us why would we not be at home in case we need to seek higher grounds. We have had a large amount of rain fall, and there is no to get our children in time to evacuate from a FLASH FLOOD. Need some answers Please ASAP. Our community is important to me, just want to keep our families safe:) Thank you for your time…….

  • College Student

    What about the area colleges? Especially Calhoun…are they opening late, closing early or canceling? They sure do wait a while before announcing.

  • Lee High Student

    Has anyone heard if Huntsville City School is dismissing early today. We knew by this time yesterday when we were getting out..

  • CHH

    This is pretty ridiculous. One of these days Wardinski’s “wait for most accurate information” (basically his want for federal money for attendance and testing) will end up with students being hurt. The storms hit at lunch, then again at dismissal. For the love of God, even the Arsenal has closed today, so I don’t see why HCS isn’t. I’d rather not be released into severe weather at 3:10

  • High School Student


  • nonya-bzness

    Surorise Madison City isnt on the list yet ! Those douce bags care nothing but about $$$$, safety comes second !

  • Amanda Marie

    Brindlee Mountain schools in Marshall County are being dismissed (car and bus) at 11:25 on Tuesday, April 29. Don’t be late to pick up your babies!

  • john

    to the parents make your own decisions about your children. to the kids that are worried about are they getting out of school, the safest place is actually at the school. i grew up here and the parents back then would make decisions for their children and be pissed off if the schools let out all the time. Just make sure not to whine when the school year is extended like the kids and parents do every year. the dumbing down of america and making people wimps continue ,.,,,,,,,,,,,

    • MadisonCountyMom

      Easy there, skippy. Parents just want to be sure their kids will be safe. Not dumbing down; just good parents.

    • Brooke

      I can see how, if no parent/family, is gonna be at home with the kids during the bad weather then yes, they would be better off at school. However, if the parent is going to be home when bad weather hits a lot of children and parents would prefer to be together. I know when I was in school they used to NEVER let the kids out during stormy weather. If your parents wanted you with them they had to come to the school and check you out. In those instances I wanted to be with my family, not a bunch of kids and a handful of adults. The fact of the matter is that while schools are probably safer, they can still be blown away. In fact the whole reason they let kids out now is bc of that school ( years ago) getting blown away and killing a lot of kids. The school doesn’t wanna be held responsible for that happening so they let the kids go home now. Maybe what they could do to appease people is let the parents decide what is best. If the family wants their child to be let out due to severe weather then let those children out but if the parents are not gonna be home with the children or the home they live in isn’t safe then they should let those kids stay at school but with the understanding that in the event it gets hit that they are not responsible. That might appease everyone. Personally, I would want my children with me if bad weather hit. Yet, if for some reason I couldn’t be with my kids and they were gonna be let out if school and be home alone then yes, in that situation I would rather them be at the school with other people and not alone. And I do not think missing a few days of school equates to the children being under educated. Also considering it was declared a state of emergency then I’m pretty sure they are not required to make up the days.

  • Lisa Bates

    Hazel Green is still pretty bad !! Madison County School should either get out early or not go at all in my perspective

  • huntsville

    Huntsville City is Bad because a tree has fall on a house. A car is in the pond.. My grandma is in the hosipal cause of it.

  • Rebecca Vickers

    when will blue springs in limestone county be back? i read they are using it for a disaster relief center the kids have misssed so much school this year due to snow and ice now this . i think its like 2 weeks or more they have missed all together.. seems like the kids could go else where so they dont get further behind…

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