Scam Alert: BBB Warns of Publisher’s Clearing House Scam

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  There’s a new scam going around that you need to be aware of, according to the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama. People from our area have been calling the BBB and  complaining about an offer from telemarketers that sounds way too good to be true.

“The caller right now is blanketing our area saying to different individuals, you’ve won a million dollars, maybe two million dollars and a Mercedes,” said Michele Mason with the BBB. Mason said the scam will likely show up on your phone as a call coming from Jamaica with an 876 area code.

“They’ll say they are with Publisher’s Clearing House and the next thing they want you to do is go get a Green Dot Money Pack and load money on there,” she said. You can load money on the Money Pack like a prepaid credit card. Mason said then, the scam artist will ask you for the card number.

“We ask people to ask themselves, if you’ve won money, why would you have to give money?” said Mason. By loading money and giving the number associated with the card to someone, you are giving access to those funds.

If you have been a victim of this scam, contact The Better Business Bureau of North Alabama and let them know.


    • Jacque

      I had someone call me at work today telling me they were from this company and that I won 350000 dollars and a new BMW. Then they asked what I would spend it on, then they told me that the only thing I had to pay was 450 dollars and if I couldn’t pay that then they would take 150. I told them there was no way that I could do that. Then they said that they would send me a check because they didn’t want me to do without the deal so they were going to mail me a check for the money that needs to be put on the card. I finally told him that I had to go because I was at work.

  • sharmaine

    Someone literally just called me but from a 239 number telling me to get that card for the irs saying they are going to take 25% of my supposedly million dollar that they say I’ve won. Saying register with the card which sounded fishy. They said a bmw too. How can I pop up with $500. I knew it was a catch when he said that. I don’t know.

  • Linda

    Yeah these people have been calling me ALL day. They sound real, they sound legit, and the man who talks to you sounds like he really means the truth — but they are LIARS!!! IT should not have to cost anything IF you won any money!!!
    If you won anything — why must anybody pay? DO not give them
    any green dot card. And what is more — don’t tell them your information. (They use “Google” to make phone calls — this
    way their calls cannot be traced. But anybody who calls with
    a (876) area code I question.

  • Tony Almond

    I was just called ,saying they were from Publishers clearing House & I won 2nd place 550,thousand Dollars & A new BMW color of my choice ! All I have to do is go to Walmart or Radio shake ,& ask for a Green Dot Card & put $399.99 Dollars & I told them I had to wait until Radio shake opens in the am,Witch he said do this first thing in the am,Then he said the truck would be there with my new BMW & a Brinks truck with my $%50Thousand dollar check for sure!! But I hadto be there first thing in the Morning,to get Green Dot Card loaded !! Yeeppe I won Second place!!! I never win anything from Publishers Clearing House ! I Guess I’LL be Lucky Someday!! Thanks PCH It would be Nice<PS Get Some people that can Speak English any How!! I Will be there in the am to see My "NEW CAR" that might not be There!! By the way it came up Unknown #

  • KB

    If I don’t recognize a number on my phone, I don’t answer. If it is important, they can leave me a message. It’s just sad that people have to resort to this kind of stupidity to steal money from others.

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