UPDATE: One Man Charged In Friday Night Shooting in Harvest

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HARVEST, Ala. (WHNT) – A man is charged in an overnight shooting in Harvest.

Madison County deputies a responded to the shooting that sent one person to the hospital. Deputies say they received the call around 11:30 p.m. Friday night about shots fired in Harvest.

They say when they arrived on the scene they saw a man who had been shot in the stomach.

Deputies said the victim, Sturgeon Coleman, and his wife had a domestic dispute.
They said she ran to the neighbor’s house for help and asked for someone to dial 911.
Sanford instead went to the residence, got into a confrontation with Coleman, and then shot him.

Emergency crews took him to the hospital. He is in stable condition and recovering.

Deputies say they have arrested Kortez Sanford in connection with this shooting.

They charged him with first-degree assault. He is out of the Madison County Jail on Bond.

One thing of note, deputies say they are familiar with is area and over the past few weeks have been called out to this community numerous times.


  • BNB

    It’s either Lockhart or one of the many Hunter Home (section 8) communities. The Mason Courts of Madison Co.

    • Concerned

      A Section 8 voucher attracts anyone, because its money in the bank for sure, but what they fail to realize women will move their sorry men in with them and they live free on Government assistant. This is how so many of them can ride around in Benz and not work a day in their life.

  • D

    First off, Hunter Homes is not a Section 8 community. There may be residents who are on Section 8. It is irresponsible to label all home owners in this community as you have. Many of us are hard working people that have NO legal issues. You can look in ANY community and finds a few idiots. NOTE: That is the same guy that was involve in a shooting a few months ago.

  • Shamed

    I’m so ashamed of how the people of my neighborhood act. I can’t even feel good about my house or surroundings because of this foolishness. I hope that the victim and family are okay after this incident. May god bless the man who shot him that he would change his ways and begin to care about what he does because it affects everyone that surrounds him…

  • A person Who Got Lucky

    I’m so lucky I got out of there. Ever since they moved in the neighborhood became more corrupt than it already was. They are trouble. I wish they moved back to wherever they came from. Thank the lord I got the hell outta there.

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