UPDATE: 18-Wheeler Accident Left One Woman Dead

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – A Vinemont woman was pronounced dead at the scene of an early morning accident on Highway 157, just south of Morgan County.

Decatur State Troopers responded to a wreck on Highway 157 and Evergreen around 9:15 Saturday morning. Traffic was blocked for about 2 hours.

They tell WHNT News 19 Patricia Louise Lavrich, 28, was driving north on HWY 157 when she spun into the median and then into ongoing traffic. That’s when an 18-wheeler t-boned her.


Troopers say Lavrich was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Joel Cumbie, 58, of Calera was driving that trailer. Troopers say he was not hurt.

Massey Danville Volunteer Fire Department and Decatur Fire Heavy Rescue Responded to the wreck. Decatur State Troopers  worked the scene and will continue to investigate.


  • Melody Oehler Etheredge

    This must be the lady that works at the Amish restaurant out near Cullman. We stopped by for lunch today and there was a big sign saying they were closed because an employee “Trish” had been in an accident and passed away. :(

    • Keri B

      You are correct! She worked at the Amish Restaurant and was much loved. The people that own the restaurant have been wonderful and supportive to her family. They are wonderful people.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Trish was such a sweet young lady. We always enjoyed when she waited on us. Pray for her family and two young children.

  • miranda may

    Sadly it was patrica lavrich and the whole family is in shock,Trisha left behind her kids and her husband and to make this horrible accident even more devastating the children lost there bilogical father a few years back…please pray for this family

  • Megan Hazle

    Trish was one of the absolute sweetest person I’ve ever met . She was one of my best friends life long friend . I had only been around her maybe twice outside of her serving us at the restaurant . She will be greatly missed by us all . Everyone just keep her family , her kids and husband , in your prayers please this was so shocking to us all .

  • Thomas

    This is tradgic to hear the loss of life Because of a accident but let it be known big rigs dont stop on a dime i know cause i drive one and cant always catch lights so people if you could, even though the light is green, please double check the lanes before crossing, and when you are on the road dont tail gate, and give then plenty of room Thank You and I am so sorry for her friends and family.

  • Jane

    i’m sorry to hear such a sweet young mother was killed. People please remember trucks are big and dangerous. They can’t menover like a car and they can’t stop near as quickly. Almost ever case of truck and car, the car is at fault IIt’s because people figure trucks can handle and stop like a car. they can’t even at the best of times So please, people, please be careful around trucksand give them plenty of room. .I don’t want to hear about more lose of life in this way I’m certain the truck driver will have nightmares and guilt about this for the rest of his life. Makes me glad I didn’t become a truck driver even though my husband wanted me too. Jane

  • David

    “That’s when an 18-wheeler t-boned her.” Whoever wrote this article needs some training in journalism.

  • Tiffany

    It was an accident. This was my dear friend who passed. They think she passed out bc her sugar was low, not bc she cut off a trucker or anything else. She was driving in the other lane and her car had started to go off the road and spin and thats when the truck hit her. It happened all so fast. Please pray for her family, and friends as this is very difficult for all. And the news needs to get the story correct so people dont assume what happened.

    • Nicole

      Love you Tffy. Thank you. It seems that there are many accident reconstructionist, however, they have no certification. My dear sister is gone. Her children do not have their mother. Her husband does not have his wife. The media should back off and let the family grieve

  • miranda may

    I couldn’t agree more tiffany…people think if this was your family member would you want people to come on here throwing allegations or giving advice on what she should have done? Have some “real” sympathy this is social media so to assume family members don’t see these comment is idiotic…and are you serious who cares about grammer? This was a life !taking in a horrible way!!

  • Jason cole

    This was my niece can we not discuss driving rules and regulations our family is vary upset and don’t need to see some of these comments have some respect for others this is a nightmare for my sister and trishas sister and the babies that lost there mother just please no more talk about driving handbooks

    • Laura Owen

      So sorry to hear of Trish accident..I know her father Jerry and his family and just want to send my condolensces to the whole family. Sincerely, Laura Owen

  • Shauna Raburn

    Trish will be greatly missed. I remember her when she first moved to Georgia. She had a heart of gold! She was an outstanding mother and wife. Such a sad situation. Will continue to keep to keep Ryan, her children, and the entire family in my prayers!

  • Annie Adams

    Trish was my niece. I’m so very sorry Jerry, I never got the chance to meet her husband. But I just want to let The kids and him know how sorry I am. she will be missed

  • Lindsay Metzger

    This is a very sad situation. I haven’t stopped thinking about her since I heard. She left her mark in Michigan, there are so many on my newsfeed sending condolences, she went to school in white pigeon Michigan years back and we never forgot. I hope her babies get the peace they need and her husband the strength to mourn and be there for those kids .

  • Scott Rinehart

    Condolences from Stevensville, MI. R.I.P. Trish, may you find comfort with the angels above.

  • Darlene Cole

    Prayers go out to the family, So sorry to here about the loss of Trish.
    She was taken way to soon may god comfort all of you.

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