Alabama Member Jeff Cook Works With Rising Country Trio ‘Southern Halo’

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A group of teen sisters is getting some help in following their dreams from one of their role models, and a singer the Tennessee Valley calls one of its own.

Natalia, Christina, and Hannah Morris are just like any other teenage girls.

The 16, 15, and 13 year-old sisters call Mississippi home, but are visiting Alabama for a few days.

This week, they're staying at Cook Castle, the Fort Payne home to Alabama member Jeff Cook and his wife Lisa.

The girls seem like average teens, but there's more to them than meets the eye.

In Cook's recording studio in Fort Payne, the three sisters stand grouped together, headsets on, and belt out a song that has the award-winning singer smiling. "We are recording a few songs for our first EP," Natalia says.

Separate, these girls are sisters. Together, they're the group called Southern Halo.

The sisters have been singing together for years. "Our first gig was in 2009. So about five years of this? It's been fun," Natalia says.

Now, the trio is getting help from Jeff Cook, a singer the girls say they've looked up to their whole lives.

"The things that they do and the things I've heard, they're going for the same audience as the Taylor Swifts and the Biebers," Cook says, "I think that they have that going for them, their youth, and they sing good and it's only going to get better."

For the Morris sisters Alabama's music has been an inspiration. "Our parents liked to listen to the music they grew up on and I guess we're just growing up on the music they grew up on," Natalia says.

Their tour kicks off Saturday.

It's called Spreading Our Wings, and for the girls, working with one of their biggest role models is a good start to flying.

The group plans to open for several singers and bands across the nation, including the Zac Brown Band and Randy Houser. 

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  • Lisa

    Jeff and I enjoyed spending time with the girls, their family and friends. They are very talented, sweet and beautiful. I think we will be seeing a great deal more of this trio. Also, they will be performing at the eight annual Jeff Cook Day which will be held in Guntersville, Saturday August 23. Come out and enjoy a fun filled evening….

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