Bartender Gets Surprise $1,000 Tip To Help With Dog’s Surgery

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CLINTON, N.J. (CNN) - Tucker is one lucky dog, and so is his owner.  Tucker ate a plastic ball recently, and it cost Christina Summitt nearly $3,000 to have it surgically removed.

Summitt, an i-Reporter with CNN, shared her story with a customer recently while she was tending bar at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey on Saturday night.

That customer left her a $1,000 tip to help cover the costs!

Summitt told the man she couldn't accept such a big tip, but he said to put it towards her dog's medical bills.

Tucker is recovering from surgery.


  • Mary

    My dog had to have surgery a few weeks ago to repair damage in her leg. She had 18 stitches and had to stay at the vets for several days. The vet knew that my husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and he would not allow me to pay for the surgery. The vet not only repaired my dogs leg but he also gave hope to my husband!

  • Sue

    Great story,! I am glad Tucker could get his surgery. That was a customer with a really BIG heart!!! Hope Tucker recovers fully.

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