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Some Ministers Ask Church Members To Skip Service, Come to School Zoning Meeting Instead

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Some African-American church leaders in Huntsville asked Wednesday night church attendees to skip services, and go to a meeting about the Huntsville City Schools' rezoning plan instead.

More than a thousand people showed up at First Missionary Baptist Church for the meeting forcing church volunteers to open up overflow rooms for the large crowd.

Church leaders say they are against the city schools district's proposed zoning changes being challenged in U.S. District Court right now.

Last month nine church leaders signed a letter criticizing the Huntsville City School Board's rezoning plan. Madison County Commission member Bob Harrison, Huntsville City Councilman Will Culver, State Representative Laura Hall and Huntsville-Madison County NAACP President Alice Sams also signed that same letter.

The letter was read out loud by Reverend Julius Scruggs. Sitting in the front pew the entire Huntsville City School Board, Superintendent Casey Wardynski and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

Harrison, Hall and Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers have also hosted several "community zoning concern" meetings in the past several weeks. They claim the district did not include the African-American community when drawing up the new zoning lines that have been proposed.

The district’s building plan would replace aging schools with 21st century facilities. Huntsville Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski also implemented a new process for hiring teachers that places the strongest teachers in schools where they are needed most.

WATCH: Casey Wardynski talks about why the city opposes the DOJ’s plan.

Church leaders say they hope the judge who will ultimately decide which plan will be enacted in the future is listening to their concerns and will choose the DOJ plan.


  • JDF

    While everyone is entitled to an opinion, “PoliticallyWrong”, you’re as stupid as the day is short. Get a life!!!

  • Concerned for All

    Really, if the majority of black kids were interested in such a life of violence and destruction, could it be that is society’s view because of the media. I invite you to attend the upcoming commencements of Oakwood University, Alabama A&M, Calhoun Community College, even Alabama, Auburn, Athens State, University of North,West and South Alabama not to leave out Tuskegee, Stillman and Alabama State! Oh and the majority are not there for the sports program; Yet having two children to graduate from the HCS, it is would be beneficial to give the Superintendent and His Staff an opportunity to RAISE the Standard for ALL…because if it were not for my children coming from a long family history (both on mother’s and father’s side) of educated “black kids” who became successful Black Adults emphasizing education, HCS would not have properly prepared them for college given their previous standards and staff (possibly just hanging in until they were could qualify for retirement). I have one that has completed college from UNA and the other completing at Auburn!!! Go Lions!!!…War Eagle!!!!

  • A. Long

    The chuches are not stepping into politics. The people in the community are concerned about the children in the Huntsville School System. Every human being has a right to speak out when they see injustice in their community and their country. The meeting just happened to be at a church and of course there were pastors and ministers there to pray and speak out in reference to injustice in the Huntsville City School System concerning children, (that just happen to be African American Children.) If there are problems at Grissom or any other school down south parkway, parents, civic leaders, pastors and ministers are involved. Do we not have the same right to be involved in what is going on in our community when it comes to our children education and well being? Every parent should be upset about the astrocity that is happening in Huntsville, AL. Why would you not want to see your city improve all over HSV, instead of just in certain areas of Huntsville? I want to see an equal playing field for all people. if we want to see Huntsville continue to grow then we have to become more progressive in all areas of Huntsville not just in certain areas that you consider elite or uppercrust. We as a people have work to do and we need to start in our schools and communities. I am not concerned about what some of you think or say, but I am concerned about all children getting a decent education. Equality should be shown toward all children not just the children down south parkway and the schools down there. We are all taxpaying citizens and we all have a right to speak our minds in a civilized manner when it comes to injustice in the world.

  • scott

    North Huntsville was my old stomping grounds.It’s a toilet now.Disgraceful.Maybe if the people living there would elect some decent representation instead of the same thieves and fools over and over again they would get somewhere.I did what I had to do to get my daughter out of those sorry schools.

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