Nurse Testifies Wilbourn Infant’s Injuries Consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A nurse testified Wednesday 4-month-old Amy Wilbourn’s injuries were the type of brain traumas she has seen before in shaken babies or children involved in car accidents.

Gary Wilbourn, 41, of Lacey’s Spring is on trial in Morgan County on charges of capital murder and aggravated child abuse in his infant daughter’s 2008 death.

Former Huntsville Hospital pediatric ICU nurse Jade England said Amy’s left pupil was larger than her right and that her eyes were crossed.  "That indicates brain damage,” England told the court.

The child was also shaking and seizing when she was transferred from Crestwood Medical Center to Huntsville Hospital in the early morning hours of Dec. 20, 2008, England recalled.

The soft spot on the top of Amy's head between the unfused skull bones also indicated brain swelling, according to England.

The nurse explained she has worked in several pediatric ICUs across the country, and estimated she has seen about 10 cases of shaken babies.

“I have seen lots of injuries from infants rolling off a bed or a couch - never have I seen brain swelling, and to the point of a dysconjugate gaze.”

Jurors will hear from several medical professionals during the trial, which could last into next week. Three nurses and four doctors have testified since the prosecution began presenting witnesses before Judge Steven Haddock on Tuesday.


    • paul

      well, ok but, Id bet the nurse is diagnosing via “on the job experience”. No, she is not a doctor but, she has been around the block.

  • Jake

    to Nurse

    you can debate all day long about what diganosis is or isnt realavent leagal etc. Dont care…the man needs to go to jail!

    My family and I were in that waiting room with this family @ the time
    It was days before Christmas and the DR’s and Nurses came in and asked over and over what happened and he just sat there. When they finally said it was too late she might not make to christmas and I saw a mother fall to pieces knowing that her 4mo old was going to die. And then later when they took her other children away and the Sherriff hauled the pathetic excuse of a PARENT/ADULT away for causing enought trauma to an infants head for her to be dying (dont care what you call it). And all of it because he was on some kind of drug….
    I hope they throw the book at him….and I hope that nurse that testifys helps them throw the book at this man!!! I hope that you are not a Nurse in HSV – cause you clearly have NO empathy for infants if your only comment is that the Nurse on duty is not a doctor!!!

    There is NO excuse!!

  • Michael Innis

    Another name for Shaken Baby Syndrome is “Deluded Doctor’s Diagnosis”. These doctors can’t recognize Tissue Scurvy when they see it, Google –Dr Michael D Innis -“Tissue Scurvy Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse “

  • djf

    this is not the frist baby that he has shaken to death he shook his frist child to death and got away with it because it was in 1989 back when they did not think that there were animals like him in the world they said that it was crib death.his second child disappeared with its mother because she knew that he would kill her baby to if she did not she left and he has not been allowed to see that child since.i trust that god has been watching him and now it is time for him to pay for his crimes against these helpless babies that never had a chance at life!!!!!!

  • djl

    jake the family you sat with in the hospital was not the family. the mother was the only family she had woth her. and the mothers family wasnt allowed to be tere. we gpt tossed out by security. kind of like they may have found out things that would have gotton justice for the baby.

  • djl

    still. he had another child that was born and died 10 days later from the same symptoms that this child suffered. and there was no autopsy. whats up with that.

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