Three People on the Run After Home Invasion, Robbery and Assault in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Home invasion, robbery and assault.

It all happened around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday at one home in the 100 block of Spirit Drive in Madison County.

Deputies say three people pulled up to the home and robbed a group standing in the front yard.

A witness says the three men then went inside and robbed the homeowners of cash and electronics.

A total of five people were robbed and assaulted.

The three men were last seen driving toward Mt. Lebanon Road.

The victims suffered only minor injuries.

There have been no arrests.

Call Madison County Sheriff’s Department if you have information on this case.


  • tynika

    Oh all you smart mouthed people that have so much to say about crime in NW Huntsville have no negative comments about Madison huh?

    • Megan

      Madison county actually; where Hsv is in, too. Mt. Lebanon Rd. is in Toney.. which is north of north Hsv. Pretty far from the city of Madison. I agree there are racist jerks on here sometimes, though..

  • jeff massey

    If someone there or all there had practiced their second amendment rights, this would be a different story. I would so love for just THREE thugs pull up at my place to do something like that. Everyone here carries a firearm even the youngest. The new headline would be like : “Three robbery suspects were shot and killed during an attempted robbery last. Police say that all three suspects were struck by bullets from several different weapons”. Teach your daughters to shoot because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.

    • mamac

      You said it Jeff Massey.. I AGREE TOTALLY..I had some jerks come by my home tonight will have been a week round 9/9:30 .Anyway, heard something at my building and looked out at the road and a white truck stopped and 3 people where taking my tiller.I hollered at them and they jumped in the truck took off I was running on foot toward them didn’t have my pistol on me. But if I had it would have been a different out come. We have been hit by pieces of crap to sorry to get out and bust there butt for something.Have been robbed 3 different times.This time though we where at home with lights on and tv on and front door open.We ALL need to start be more VIGILANT ..Now I really pay attention.. I bet ever who STOLE my tiller dose not have the GUTS to face me. Cause they are less than scum..We are in the Jackson County area…

  • mamac

    I left a reply but it looks as though it didn’t show.Jeff Massey you are EXACTLY RIGHT.. Me and my family was at home last Wednesday night in the Jackson county area and Some SCUM 3 of them came right in my yard and stole my Maxim tiller. I saw what was going on and and took off after them on foot ..But they got away. If I had of had my pistol on me it might be a different out come..We are ALL going to have to start watching closely…

  • paul

    Before you come out blasting away, make sure the assailants are armed too or the headlines will read, “family shoots and kill’s unarmed would be thiefs, the whole family goes to jail”.

    • jeff massey

      You should educate yourself more. Look up Alabama Castle Doctrine. If you are in fear of person or PROPERTY, you have the right to use up to deadly force if you have the legal right to be there and they do not. when Joe Everyman learns the real laws and how it effects the way things are, there will be more intruders shot. This is not a bad thing. How likely is someone going to break into your home or work knowing the occupant has the legal right to kill them.

  • Christy

    I don’t know about this story…sounds a bit fishy to me. These people just happened to be standing in the front lawn at 10:45 at night and here comes a carload of thieves? Not sure I’m buying it. I would start the investigation with WHO were the people standing on the front lawn. Sounds a bit organized if you ask me.

  • nancy tate

    I would say that they probably had trouble with each other sometime before and decided to go to their house and take care of business their own way.yes the storry sounds alittle fishy and if they haven’t caught them then yes a description needs to be put out there so people will know if they see this going on.

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