County Chairman Addresses Leasing Delinquent Taxpayer’s Office Space

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison County’s Commission Chairman is speaking out about one of our Taking Action investigations. WHNT News 19 reported a delinquent taxpayer is leasing office space to Madison County.

Commission Chairman Dale Strong acknowledges the county is paying someone who owes the county money.

We asked how did this happen? Strong gives a simple answer.

“Going through a broker, what we asked for was options for properties available,” said Chairman Strong.

Chairman Strong needed a temporary place to move the sales tax office.

“We got a three-story building a half-block from the Madison County courthouse that has enormous water damage to it,” added Chairman Strong.

He guesses the price tag to fix the regular office space ranges between $500,000 and $750,000.

Commissioners approved a three-month lease for a 2,800 square foot office space on Church Street owned by Flamingo Enterprises.

Public records list Flamingo Enterprises as the owner. The company’s president, Michael Brodowski, told WHNT News 19 the company is made up of shareholders. The tax clerk sent the company a bill for $23,196.28 in October 2013.

“Those taxes are delinquent at this time,” said Madison County’s Chief Tax Clerk.

Madison County’s spokeswoman told WHNT News 19 no one in the county knew Flamingo Enterprise’s taxes were delinquent.

Chairman strong stands by that, but…

“I will promise you this, if this person does not pay their taxes, the property will be sold on the steps of the Madison County Courthouse and it will be dealt with appropriately,” added Chairman Strong.

He did point out the company is known for paying taxes late.

“Our thing is, not until he is in default, nothing has to be done,” added Chairman Strong.

County Commissioners agreed to pay the company almost $12,000 for the office space.

Brodowski thanked WHNT News 19 for telling him about the delinquent taxes. He told us he will let the company’s officers know of the issue and handle it.

Brodowski said, two days after our initial report, the taxes were paid.


  • Big Dog Tard

    Strong is full of crap as usual. I can’t believe Monrovia and Harvest was taken in by this guy for years. Now he is chairman? Idiot voters are to blame.

  • Big Dog

    Strong is full of it as usual. I can’t believe Monrovia and Harvest was taken in by this guy for years. Now he is chairman? Idiot voters are to blame.

  • Sean

    Michael Brodowski is a very reputable attorney in Huntsville, and has actually donated to many fundraisers whnt 19 has hosted and represented WHNT in a lawsuit against them before. Whoever made this story obviously doesn’t know how to respect someone who helps out the community. Poeple have hard times, and this has been the worst economy we have seen since the great depression

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