Commissioners Ban Cash Payments For Private Work

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – You will need to carry a check if you’re interested in hiring Madison County workers for private work. Madison County Commissioners banned resident from paying with cash.

Commissioners have felt the heat in recent weeks. Taxpayers have watched some, former and current, make headlines.

A state audit found former Madison County Commissioner Jerry Craig and his longtime secretary are jointly responsible for $176,000 of misused taxpayer funds. The report linked most of that money to private work cash.

“Criminal activity is criminal activity however you look at it,” said Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

Commissioner Eddie Sisk, who replaced Craig, doesn’t want to hear another like it.

He asked the commissioners to ban cash payments for private work.

“It`s a way to have it to where we have a paper trail of all the money that`s coming in from private work to the courthouse,” said Sisk.

Chairman Strong wants county crews to stop.

“My personal feeling is private work should be done by private enterprise,” added Chairman Strong.

Commissioners voted in favor of Sisk’s check only option.

He thought letting county workers accept cash wasted time and money.

“The truck driver has to leave, go somewhere to figure how to make change or just come back with the gravel. That`s costly,” added Sisk.

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