Morgan County Deputy Resigns Over Walmart Shooting Incident

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A Morgan County Sheriff's deputy resigned Monday afternoon following his involvement in a shooting at Walmart in south Huntsville last week.

Brian Fulford had met with Sheriff Ana Franklin earlier today to discuss his status with the department. He and his lawyer left the meeting discussing filing an appeal, but Fulford resigned just a few hours later.

Fulford turned himself in to Huntsville Police on Friday. He is charged with second-degree assault for an incident last Tuesday, April 15.  Witnesses say Fulford, off duty at the time, fired a shot at a man in the parking lot. the man, David Horton, had arrest warrants in Morgan County. He was treated at Huntsville Hospital and then released, and arrested and taken to the Morgan County Jail.


  • 14gracie4u2

    Amazing she let him resign. She has fired several others for a hell of alot less. She is a shame to Morgan County.

  • !!@@badhouse+9

    Should Deputy Fulford’s employee performance information been released to the public? The Decatur Daily thought so.

    Government Internet Manual, Public Records Act – Exemptions from Disclosure (Laws Allowing Withholding of Records), Chapter 2 para 2, Public Employee Records

    This law is very interesting in regards to release of employee’s performance evaluations with no discussion of specific incidents of misconduct. These records are exempt because they are both highly offensive and of no legitimate concern to the public.

    In releasing this sensitive information to the Decatur Daily Sheriff Franklin took the opportunity to sway the voice of public opinion negatively. The action was taken during one of Sheriff Franklin’s many interviews with the Decatur Daily and the News Media. This information has been released prior to allowing Deputy Fulford due process through the judicial system. The only thing the voice of public opinion can assess at this point is that Fulford received mediocre merit evaluations in May 2011 and that he received average marks for job knowledge, performance, safety consciousness, and public relations. He did not receive any excellent or unsatisfactory remarks. The sheriff stated he had been an excellent employee in the same article of the Decatur Daily. The sheriff discriminated against Fulford by releasing his information to the public.

    The bottom line is that Fulford had no disciplinary actions in his personnel file therefore his personnel file must be exempt from release.

    It would be refreshing if Sheriff Franklin would kindly release the Financial Public Records that many people have asked for over the past few months. Should Sheriff Franklin release the releasable financial records she is responsible for her goose would be cooked. This is a true double standard of the way the system works.

  • Alan Yates

    The sheriff isn’t done. Yet. I understand the deputy was fairly new to the job. He should have never been released to work and carry a gun until he spent time with a field training officer and learned the right ways to do the job. Yes, he made a serious error in judgment and deserves to be punished. So does this sheriff who didn’t make sure he was trained properly and that he spent time with an FTO and understood the tremendous responsibility of carrying not only a gun but the powers of arrest out in the streets. I have no reason to doubt what that post says about her releasing the deputy’s records and if that is true she needs to be arrested and removed for misfeasance in office. A classic case of an elected official with limited understanding of the job “shooting from the lip”. Since we live in the good ol boy politics days I am sure she will never be arrested but I imagine a good lawyer can make her mighty uncomfortable for a few years.

    • Say What

      Anyone in Alabama can carry concealed by just paying a few dollars and can carry open for free. In Alabama you do not have to take any classes or prove proficiency with the weapon that will be a carried. Just by attending the police academy, this individual had a lot more training than most people carrying a gun today! Since he resigned, he will be working tomorrow for another department (Google search “gypsy cops”)!!!

    • Michael

      Because “just doing my job” isn’t a valid defense and is no excuse for a reckless pursuit of a suspect that wasn’t an immediate threat to anyone.

  • steve

    I think more people need to look onto Ana franklin
    Brian was a good deputy he justbmade a bad decision. What people need to look at is his boss. With her 19,bank accounts and all of the tax payers money she is blowing. All the public sees is what she puts on TV. Like the beach trip she takes and belt buckles she buys and cowboy hats and riding jackets. I could go on and on. If she would use her money right and train her people instead of blowing it. This might have never happened. But no one knows where her money goes because she won’t show it to anyone. Maybe the law suit on her will make her. Morgan county needs a new sheriff.

    • Michael

      I agree. Not even two weeks ago she was on TV whining about her tight budget. The county commission gave her $50K (of our money) to go buy some new police cruisers. Yet, when you look at the Sheriff’s web page and all the toys she has it looks like she could invade and take over a small country.

      I voted for her 4 years ago. It was a mistake and one I won’t be making again. From reading Cavnar’s platform on his web page he’s just part of the problem and won’t be any help. Heck, he may be worse. Unless I find something truly condemning I’m going to vote for Childers. I don’t think he’s the solution, but he’s at least a step in the right direction.

    • Mary Jo Terry

      Sheriff Franklin gets a pay check just like everyone else who works for a living. I think if she wants a belt buckle or hat or vacation it’s ok. If you work hard and save your money you can buy these things too.

  • Sue

    Shooting him in a public place with the chance of hitting someone else was not smart. However trying to arrest him was the right thing to do! Whether he had the right to go after him outside his jurisdiction? The bad thing is now (one thing) the criminal is made to look like a victim. The other thing is the policeman is now looking like the bad guy. ..without a job and the one he was trying to arrest might sue him. It is a mess! He should have called for Huntsville police back up if only they can do the arrest. Wanting to do the right thing unfortunately put him in a lot of trouble!

  • Wes

    I’m sure the deputy was given the choice to resign or be fired. By resigning, he will have a better chance to get another police job down the road. As far as the sheriff goes, she has done an outstanding job in Morgan County. You may have a different opinion if your a meth dealer/user. She has cleaned up a real mess, and she will continue to do so. If you want highly trained professional deputies, that takes money. Not just for training, but their salaries needs to be doubled to attract the most qualified applicants. It’s pathetic what they make and the responcibility their given.

    • Michael

      If she’s done such a great job cleaning up meth in Morgan County then why does she still make so many meth busts? I’m not saying she isn’t working hard at it, but I am saying she, along with other prohibitionists in this country, are going about getting rid of it all wrong. Waging the war on drugs is like cleaning the windows of a skyscraper with a washcloth. You can work hard at it all day every day but you’ll accomplish nothing.

      The war on drugs has also made the Fourth Amendment useless. There are many dubious tactics police can use to get around the Fourth Amendment and stage probable cause. One of Ana’s boys used it on me just last year. He used the old chew toy trick to get the dog to alert on my vehicle, saying it smelled drugs on my driver side and passenger side. Of course, they didn’t find any drugs (maybe because there WERE NO DRUGS).

  • Sherlock

    Anna Franklin is a great Sheriff doing an outstanding job. All I see is a bunch of good ole boy boy crap trying to taint a good woman doing a hell of a good job! Anna has my support!

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