Country Singer Kevin Sharp Dies

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REDDING, Ca. (WHNT)- Country music singer Kevin Sharp died Saturday at his home in Redding, California.  Sharp reached stardom in the mid-1990s with songs like, “Nobody Knows.   The song reached #1 in 1996.

A message posted on Sharp’s official website says, ” We are saddened to announce the passing of Platinum Country Recording Artist Kevin Sharp on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 10:00 pm PST.”

The website says Sharp died from ongoing complications from past stomach surgeries and digestive issues.   He was a survivor of a form of blood cancer.

Sharp was 43.

Here is a link to his number one song.


  • Jay

    He had a life with lots of illness and I’m sure with pain. But at least he accomplished many of his dreams with his songs. I bet he always lived like he was dying and enjoyed his life as much as possible. The battle is over and he had run the race. Rest in peace and God Speed Kevin.

  • Drema Tuttle

    RIP Kevin…I am soo sad for your family and loved ones.Gone too soon.My brother has Stage 4 Cancer.

    • Robin Hinrichsen

      My prayers are with you Drema. Cancer took my mom 7 yrs ago. Keep your brother laughing and smiling.. its good medicine :) rip Kevin Smith. Your songs were inspirational.

  • Bonnie

    Heartfelt sympathy for the family, I was shocked to learn of Kevin’s passing. Very sad to know we’ll never hear his voice again, but I’ll bet heaven sounds alot more beautiful today…love you and will miss you Kevin……….



  • Rebecca Brooks

    To the family of Kevin,We are very sorry for your loss our deepest sympathy goes to you.. May God take his pain away and may he rejoice in heaven, He still singing for Jesus!

  • Dawn Elston

    Rest in Peace Kevin!!! I am so sorry for your loss and prayers being sent during this time of grief. God gave him the voice of an Angel for his time here on earth, I guess God wants to have that Angelic voice in the Halls of Heaven!!

  • Cooper

    I am very saddened at the sudden death of Kevin Sharp. My his family find comfort in him being at peace and being out of pain! May god lead you in comfort and you will one day meet again. My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin’s family.

  • Lisa Sharp Doyle

    Thank you all for your kind words and support. It has been horrific. I know it doesn’t matter but I am so upset that every little wrong statement bothers me. He did not die in Redding and it was a bone cancer.

  • Penny

    Prayers to his family and friends. I remember the first time I heard his beautiful voice, I was hooked. Good bless

  • joe matino

    RIP Kevin you were a great singer . Sing with the angles bud you will be missed prayers to Kevin’s family.

  • Lisa Sharp Doyle

    This is his sister again. Am learning that a past member of his staff has been making reports on his death, asking that cards be sent to her and planning her own memorial. Help me stop the spread of these lies.

  • priscilla caron

    R.i.p kevin wil b missed god bless u for fighting ur cancer all this time god b with ur family n friends u was a amazing singer nobody knows…

  • marlene jones

    Oh Kevin I am so sorry. I took my daughter to see you in Milwaukee in a very small venue. U used squirt guns and got us all wet. We had a blast. Your voice always gave me goose bumps. I will never ever forget you. You showed us all that even in illness we can be happy and live a good life. God be with your family. You went home to Him for Easter. Rest in Peace sweet man.

  • Carmen Lorton

    This is so sad, Go rest high on the mountain, Kevin you will be missed here on earth but you are now with the Lord and you will have no more pain or suffering, God Bless All

  • Michelle Minnich

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Kevin is with God now. Kevin is now watching down on all. Kevin will forever be in our hearts.



  • Julie Ward

    R.I.P. Kevin, gone way too soon!!! Now, you can sing with the angels (which I think you already were); what a beautiful/wonderful voice that will so be missed!!! Sending “very special thoughts and prayers” to your family and friends. Sending “special thoughts” to ALL YOUR FANS (including me)!!

  • Jennifer Stefanick

    My heart goes out to Kevin’s family. I’m from Sacramento and was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2009 and finally beat it last year. I never met Kevin and was with my oncologist the one time he called and was in the infusion center getting chemo (and puking) the other time he called. Needless to say both times he left really wonderful inspirational messages that I will remember for the rest of life. I will always look up to him as being an angel among us for overcoming all that he did in his short life. I really hope that there is some sort of memorial/celebration of life in the Sacramento area. It really angers me that no one does adequate fact checking anymore, even Billboard said Ewings Sarcoma was blood cancer!! I couldn’t find any way to email the author and educate him as to his mistake. I’m sorry you guys are having to deal with all of the misinformation out there as well as a problem former employee. God Bless you all! <3

  • Penny Whary

    Lisa, I am so sorry for the heartbreaking loss of your brother Kevin. I had already sent a card in care of Sue because I believed what was written and only saw your responses this morning. I only hope that you and your family receive it. Thank you for letting us know the true facts and for sharing your wonderful brother with us. Kevin was truly an inspiration to so many people. I hope all your wonderful memories of him make these difficult days a little easier to deal with.

  • Carol Gutierrez

    Such sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and seeing him perform several years back in Seattle at a Reunion for Bone Marrow Recipients and Donors. He shared his story with us and it really touched my heart – I became an instant fan and admirer. He was truly a great Man and an inspiration to so many who will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin’s Family and Loved Ones.

  • Angie Bennett

    We followed his concert trial one summer…It started when he come out in the audiance and sat on my lap and sang to me…He was just a ordinary man who loved life…..He will be missed. God Speed Kevin.

  • Tammy C

    Lisa, my heart goes out to your family. I am still crying every time I listen to his beautiful voice. Kevin is irreplaceable, not just as a singer, but even more so, for the Human Being he was. Thank you for sharing your brother with us all and God rest his soul in Peace and may God Bless your family.

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