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UPDATE: Man Arrested, Charged with Terrorist Threat After Standoff

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- John Raleigh Wilson is in jail with multiple charges, including making a terrorist threat, after a police standoff in Madison County Saturday.

Charges include possession of a sawed off rifle/shotgun, possession of a pistol by violent felon and parole violation. Wilson had multiple guns and drugs inside his home.

Wilson has an extensive criminal record. Court documents show he has pleaded guilty to multiple marijuana and possession of controlled substance and illegal pistol charges in the past. He also plead guilty to to theft and breaking and entering vehicles.

Man Taken into Custody

Man Taken into Custody

Madison County Sheriff's deputies say Wilson confronted and threatened two employees with a gun at a fireworks stand on Memorial Parkway/Highway 231 near the Hobbs Island Road intersection.

Those employees threatened to call the police. That's when Wilson said, according to deputies, that he would, "shoot anyone that shows up", if they made that call.

Huntsville Police and the Madison County Sheriff's Office showed up to the scene.

The highway had been closed due to the standoff, which lasted almost 45 minutes.

Wilson lives in a home adjacent to the fireworks stand. After he was taken in for questioning deputies and other authorities searched his home and found multiple guns and drugs.

Guns and drugs found in man's home

Deputies aren't saying what prompted Wilson to threaten the employees at the stand.


We'll keep this story updated as new information becomes available. 



  • Red

    Just an ordinary citizen demonstrating his 2nd amendment rights as a Merikun. There gunna try to take air guns away frum us and we aint gunna letum.

    • David

      It was illegal for this man to own a gun. Gun laws would take guns away from law-abiding citizens, not criminals. In any case, it IS a constitutional right for the lawful citizens to bear arms.

    • Legal gun owner

      Red that’s stupid . He was a convicted fellon so he wasn’t suppose to have guns. He had guns and drugs and he threatened to shoot people. What makes u think this ok? Heck I wish the government would go door to door on people that have ever been in jail and make sure they don’t have guns. We have had aan pull a gun on us in road rage . We have children that were in our car and he could of killed them . He went to Kai for carrying with no permit but no charges for pulling a gun on us other than harassment . You can have guns if u pass the background check. Which I can and did . My home is armed and so am I. But I am legal and wil not threaten someone that doesn’t try to hurt me or my family.

    • John Doe

      @Red- Typical liberal…but you have no problem with folks killing babies I bet. You would be hilarious in a public forum. Humiliating you would be a piece of cake.

      • Say What

        Who is killing babies? The same Supreme Court that said that the 2nd amendment applies to individuals (Heller decision) also gave women the right to an abortion (Roe decision). If the Supreme Court is good for the gun decision they are also good saying that a fetus is not a “baby” until it is viable outside the mother’s womb. Typical conservative hypocrisy — use the Supreme Court when it fits your point and ignore it when it does not fit your belief.

  • Michael

    So this guy was armed to the teeth supposedly and Mad Co deputies detained him without a shot fired. No injuries at all? Wish Morgan County was that good.

    • Me

      Thank God such an incredible and productive member of society wasn’t harmed…it’s not like he was threatening the lives of others or anything

      • Michael

        What would you propose? The police instigate a gun battle which makes the situation even more dangerous? One that would likely get a deputy or two shot before the suspect was taken out?

        And they say I’m a “cop hater”…

  • tim

    Convicted Felon with a gun ? That’s impossible !!! its against the law.. Wait , gun laws really don’t keep felons from getting and threatening people with guns ? Seriously , glad nobody was hurt and yes good thing Morgan Co was not involved one of their guns might have accidentally discharged and set of the fireworks !!!. lol..

    • Say What

      A felon with a gun, no, it is not impossible. The NRA has made it very easy to avoid background checks in America so that anyone can get a gun (felons, mentally ill, idiots). Most guns are bought through private sells that do not require checks (thanks NRA)!

      • tim

        @Say what. if people like this are not able to buy them , they will steal them. background checks and gun laws do nothing to prevent gun crimes. Focus should be on educating people like you and keeping people like him behind bars.

  • Me

    @Michael-As far as I’m concerned they could have gone in with the kill shot and it would have been over in a matter of seconds. It’s not fair for everyone involved to be sitting around waiting for him to shoot and now he’s going to be going to jail wasting around 40k dollars a year which we (assuming you pay taxes) are responsible for paying.

    • Michael

      I’ll gladly pay my taxes. He’s an American and he deserves his day in court. You do believe in the American justice system don’t you? Maybe he’s mentally ill. We don’t know. The police likely didn’t know what was in that trailer. This guy seems crazy enough to have his crib booby-trapped. He could have had someone else armed in there. He could have had hostages. These things happen. Not often, thankfully, but they do.

      I’ll pay my taxes. You keep demanding that blood rains and pours in the streets.

      • Me

        To each his own. If your cool with your tax money being consistently waisted on trash like him good for you. Also, no I think the justice system falls through quite often but nice try.

      • Michael

        *SIGH* It’s not “to each his own.” The American way is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Our policemen swear oaths to uphold that American way. You’re suggesting they break it and go in guns blazing. Thanks to some very good police work there was zero physical violence and the situation got resolved.

    • Me

      What a rare occasion this is. You may want to consider going back to elementary school in order to learn proper grammar techniques.

  • Politically Correct

    Janice needs to learn to count. Besides Janice, if you called needing help from an armed threatening man, wouldn’t you want 750 cops to come help you?

  • Me

    Are you seriously suggesting that this moron is innocent? How stupid are you? Was some kind of ghost responsible for what happened? To each his own refers to your careless opinion on what your taxes are being spent on. While you may agree that people like himself are worth 40k a year in tax money, many do not.

  • Me

    Facts are facts. Are you implying that he didn’t actually have all of those guns as well as drugs in his car? Are you saying that the police lied about what happened? There seriously is no way he is innocent. What a joke… Regarding the to each his own comment I was talking about the way you are happy with your taxes being spent on people like this. I along with many others are not happy about these type of situations where one person costs the state over 40k dollars considering there are plenty of people who survive in the real world working there butts off for much less.

    • Michael

      Come on, guy. You start of by saying facts are facts yet you say the drugs and weapons were in his car. They were in his home according to this report. I’m just sayin’.

      Like it or not (you don’t), this country is very clear about being innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Yes, he’s likely going to be convicted on several charges. The police aren’t judges, juries, and executioners. Nor are they paid to be. They’re paid to uphold the Constitutional rights of ALL citizens, even the crazies like this guy. If that’s what my tax dollars go to then I’m all for it.

      What I gather from your posts is this. No one got hurt and/or killed and you’re upset. You’d rather have this guy and suspects like him executed, without trial, even though there is a possibility the situation can be deescalated without anyone getting injured in the process, all to save a few tax dollars. You need help. Serious help.

      • Me

        I never said he shouldn’t have a trial I am just pointing out that people like this are let off way to easy. He will more than likely go to jail for what probably less than 10 years? And yes that in my opinion is a complete waste of tax payer money. I am a realist and people like this simply don’t change. I’m not sure what a little money is in your mind but a ten year sentence would be nearing half a million dollars…enough money to pay to have many people like himself educated and put on a successful path instead of remaining lunatics. Let’s hope you are not ever in a situation like this one where the cops choose not to fire and allow ample time for him to make the first move. End of story

      • Michael

        Hahaha, then what do you call this? “As far as I’m concerned they could have gone in with the kill shot and it would have been over in a matter of seconds.”

        On one hand you argue that people like this get off too easy, something less than 10 years. On the other hand you’re complaining about the amount of money it’s going to cost to keep him imprisoned for a 10 year sentence. Get. Help. Fast.

  • KB

    I agree with you Michael! I’ll gladly pay my taxes to keep this garbage off the streets!
    @Me, would you rather him not be caught and then take one of your children hostage?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. The problem with people like you is that either way the situation turns out, you’ll have a complaint about it.

    • Me

      Hahah he won’t be kept off the streets…that’s the reality. He will serve a minimal sentence in jail with the other scum and once released he will go straight back to his old ways. So yeah I stand by my comment that the only way for people like this to be kept from harming others is to kill them when given the chance. Sorry if that offends any of you but I am not interested in continually paying for trash like this when we have so many other problems that tax money could go towards.

  • blondelogic101blog

    He was booked for parole violation, possession of a sawed off shot gun, possession of a firearm by a violent felon, terrorist threat. That’s if it’s the same person under Madison County Jail. But I thought they mentioned drugs which wasn’t on there.

  • Gennifer

    This guy is dangerous and has always been, ever since high school. He needs to be put away or something worse will happen, it is a matter of time.

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