“Salem” Actors Talk About Pushing Boundaries, Crossing Lines

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(WHNT) - Our parent company, Tribune, will debut "Salem" - a new original series this Sunday, April 20.  It airs at 9 p.m. central on WGN America.

"Salem" takes a gritty look at the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts.  In this piece, we show you how the cast and crew handle all the lines the show crosses.

The cast and crew built "Salem" on the foundation of pushing boundaries.

"I know when Salem is working best is when the censor calls with nervous questions," said Brannon Braga, Salem's Co-Creator.

Because tracking witches comes with catches.

"There's stuff on the show that's just never been seen before, so it's hard to say," said Braga. "The show is pretty out there, though."

The streets of Salem create threshold after threshold, but the actors have to live the intensity.

Do the lines ever blur for them? What makes them uncomfortable?

"I would have to say a little bit of everything," said Iddo Goldberg, who portrays Isaac Walton. "I think a little bit of everything made me feel a bit uncomfortable. That's what I hope sets the show off of so many other shows on TV right now. I think it goes to that space, it goes to that uncomfortable place."

"If something that's violent or racy or sexual or off-putting in someway comes out of the story and the characters and they deserve it, then I don't question it," said David Von Ancken, Salem's Director. "If it's gratuitous and it's just there as an eye catcher or something, then I question it."

So perhaps the appeal of the show lives in its creepiest corners.

"What I love about Salem is that it's not afraid to go to those places, the dark places, the scary places, the places that aren't quite right," said Tamzin Merchant, who plays Anne Hale.  "The dark heart of humanity really is examined in this show."

All that's left is to see what they find there.

Salem debuts Sunday, April 20 at 9 p.m. on WGN America.  The show contains extremely explicit content.

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