Driver Hits Special Needs School Bus, Charged With DUI

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A car hits a bus full of special needs students and then takes off! Alabama State Troopers say the man behind the wheel had been drinking. This would outrage any parent, and it has definitely left the Superintendent of Morgan County schools mad, yet thankful. None of the students were injured, but it scared them pretty bad. Everyone was able to walk away including the driver who hit them. He kept going, right to his home, within view of where the accident happened.

The bus had just let a student out on Natural Bridge Road when this car rounded a curve and side-swiped it. Witnesses say the car kept going.

"And as we heard later, that it was an accident with someone who possibly was driving under the influence," Morgan County Schools Superintendent Bill Hopkins said.

The man behind the wheel was James Joshua Warren. And state troopers say he was driving drunk.

"It makes you angry because you think about what it could have been, and we're just so thankful and so fortunate that there were not any injuries," Hopkins said.

Hopkins says if the car veered over another few inches it would have been a head-on collision, and the outcome could have been entirely different. Witnesses say after the accident, the car kept going but only a short distance, before Warren pulled into his own driveway, parked and went inside. State Troopers later arrested him and charged him with driving under the influence.

School officials were particularily upset to learn this is not Warren's first DUI. He was arrested on a DUI charge 4 years ago. That case eventually dismissed by the courts just last year.


  • nancy stuart

    Thank you for reporting this story. The tragedy is that drunk driving is never “serious” until someone dies. The drunken driver and the judicial system should be held accountable by we, the people. Watch this case!!!

  • sassy

    Less than Week before incident he stopped by my in laws house drunk asking if they had seen his dog,and was behind the wheel then,he does it a lot,he needs to serve time ,he’s very fortunate he didn’t hit a child getting off the bus……and that wouldn’t have been good especially telling a child’s parent they
    Were hit by a drunk driver,he has two young children of his own!

  • Poodles

    It is so sad someone doesn’t have the decency or self control to be a productive person.I feel so sorry for his kids to be raised in that environment people with an alcohol problem should be restricted on alcohol purchases and those who buy it for them held accountable as well. It shouldn’t come down to potential life loss to stop them

  • know your facts

    Before anyone drags his family into it remember you can’t hold a grown mans hand. Alcoholism is one of the worse diseases out there. You do not know what his family has tried to do for him or how much help they have tried to get him help. Don’t be stupid and bring family into it. You are right he does have 2 kids, who are very smart and well behaved children. I’m sure you miss “Sassy” paint the perfect family….probably have told your kids all about it so they can run to school and inform them of what their dad has done.

    • very concerned

      I soooooo much agree with you..(know the facts)….its very easy to point fingers if u dont know all the facts….and please…dont bring children into this…..for I do know…they are definitely two very good children…

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