New York Times report offers new details in Winston rape investigation

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Jameis Winston

The New York Times has published an extensive review of the Jameis Winston rape investigation. The in-depth report has the sports world talking once again about the Heisman-winning quarterback and those around him.

The Times report provides not only some new details about the case but also raises serious questions about the competency of Tallahassee police and Florida State’s actions in response to a rape accusation against Winston.

According to the report, the university knew about the complaint against Winston as early as January 2013. A police email obtained by the Times shows that an officer “received a call from the Athletic Directors Assistant inquiring about the case.”

As CBS Sports reports in its coverage of the Times story, “According to federal Title IX guidelines, any athletic department official who is aware of a sexual assault allegation is required to pass that knowledge to administrators, and any school aware of such an allegation is required to perform its own investigation.”

Florida State did not reportedly provide comment to the Times on when administrators became aware of the accusation against Winston. School officials did not speak to Winston concerning the allegations until January 2014, following the Seminoles’ BCS championship season.

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  • Steve Fuller

    He’s a back kid who can play foolsball and shes just a white girl trying to make it in black man’s world.

  • William Jenkins

    I said from the very beginning there would be no charges not because of race but because he was a Heisman candidate and FSU was a possible contender for a national championship. It does not surprise me in the least if a cover up was made, after all we are talking college football.

    • bbs2014

      Yes, I agree this had NOTHING to do with black/white but it is all about money and what FSU would lose if charges were brought against him.

  • Marcia Jaillet

    Since there were 2 male dna found what makes anyone think Jamis Winston raped anyone. What makes anyone think a rape happened at all since there was no dna found inside of her. The dna was on the panties. She belonged to a sorority cub where bringing back panties with a jocks semen on them was a point scored. She was caught in several lies from the get go. Just maybe people should not be so quick to judge without knowing all the facts..

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