Young Boy Gets Wish Granted to Fly like Iron Man

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A Colorado boy with a rare disease got to fly just like his hero Iron Man. It's the latest good deed organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Eight year old Max loves Iron Man. A lot.

Just getting his specially designed suit on with mom's help takes time. Max has a rare disease called duchenne muscular dystrophy. It's slowly robbing his muscles of their abilities.

Doctors had said he would likely be in a wheelchair by age nine. But this day, the boy with the terrible disease will fly high.

Max is able to fly in a vertical wind tunnel--where he is a super hero. Guided by expert Joshua Evans, he's like a skydiver feeling 100 plus mile per hour winds.

"He deserves just a few days just to be a kid," Evans said.

Max isn’t the only one who is special in his family.

"It is a genetic component and I’m a carrier and we didn't know," Max’s mother said. And that means Max, the oldest boy, is not the only one with it.

"We have Max, but also two other sons that have the same disease," she said.

Five-year-old Rowan also has the disease. He got his turn to fly right after max.

"i have them here and every day we laugh and we play and we have so much fun...and so i am happy, it is a good day, i think it's just kinda all crashing down on me."

They made a wish and it came true. Max had the time of his life.


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