Deputy Involved Wreck Results in Location of Man with Outstanding Warrants

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A deputy involved wreck resulted in the location of a man with multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest Wednesday afternoon.

The wreck happened on Highway 36 at Upper River Road around 1 p.m. A Morgan County Sheriff’s deputy was answering a call of shots fired, running lights and sirens, when a car pulled out of the Valhermoso Springs parking lot in front of the deputy.

The deputy rear-ended the car, which was carrying a man and woman. The car ended up in a business parking lot and the patrol car ran off the road, through a ditch, and landed in a field along the highway.

The deputy was not injured. The two people in the car were taken to Huntsville Hospital with minor wrecked

Upon checking his information, the man in the car was found to haveĀ fourĀ outstanding unrelated warrants. He is expected to be take into custody once he is treated at the hospital.


  • kimbo9

    You really have to give credit to those Morgan County Deputies. They always get those guys with outstanding warrants with whatever means it takes – i.e. shoot ’em, wreck ’em etc. Keep up the great work.

    • Jon

      HAHAHAHA kimbo9. I know its not funny whats goin on right now but your comment just made me laugh. Morgan County is having terrible luck right now.

  • Hannah

    You ignorant rednecks! The cop could not help that someone with warrants pulled out in front of him.

    • Michael

      Nor can you blame the driver of the car. The cop was speeding on his way to a call understandably. It was at 1:00 in the afternoon, the blue lights aren’t near as visible as they normally are.

    • bec

      You ignorant red neck for your info they did not pull out in front of the cop the cop wAs running a 100 miles a hour and the warrant was one for a traffic ticket.

    • ha

      You people remember when you need help and they don’t get there fast’s your fault for complaning all the time about the way they drive. You should all go out for one day and see how it is…You wouldn’t make it!!!! I’m with you Hannah!!!!

    • Michael

      And that goes for everyone. Despite what some may believe, police officers aren’t immune to God’s word.

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