Commissioners Mull Cash Ban On Private Work Payments

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-A call to ban cash payments for private work done by Madison County commissioners and their road crews appears to be gaining momentum.

County commissioners discussed the pay change proposal at Wednesday’s work session. It’s linked to a recent state audit that implicated now former County Commissioner Jerry Craig and his longtime secretary Kay Sims.

Auditors held Craig and Sims jointly responsible for more than $176,000 of misused taxpayer funds, with much of that money linked to private work cash that was improperly documented and never accounted for. Rural commissioners are currently allowed to pave driveways and install drainage culverts for homeowners who are willing to pay for the work.

Commissioner Eddie Sisk said the lack of any paper trail is the main reason for his proposal. Fellow Commissioner Phil Vandiver has already voluntarily implemented a cash payment ban at his district office.

“So far it’s been really good, no one has really complained about it,” said Vandiver. “It just makes the process a little simpler, that way we don’t have any large amount of cash in hand…I want to make sure we put the policies and procedures in place that keeps us above-board.”

A vote on the cash ban proposal could happen as soon as next week when commissioners hold their next regular meeting.


  • Nuclear Mike

    The CASH just floats among the Commissioners’ staff & friends at all levels…seems the revelations of all the scandals & investigations has suddenly given a ‘conscience’ to our government officials…or is it they are now very afraid that the ‘sunshine’ on their activities are going to bring down ALL of them…


    When do workers have time to do private work in District 3? We can’t even get them to fill pot holes on our public road.

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