West Morgan Middle School Produces Video On Bullying

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TRINITY, Ala. (WHNT) - We've all heard plenty lately about bullying, and the effects it has on our students. Well, schools in Morgan County were asked to produce a video on the subject. At West Morgan Middle School, the video turned into a class project that's made a lasting impression.

Media Specialist Diona Fowler was the photographer and editor for the project. "Ninety percent of middle school, 4th through 8th graders experience being bullied. So our approach was to bring all these kids together and put something together that would bring awareness," she said.

The 5-minute video produced by West Morgan Middle School students is impactive in its simplicity. The numbers don't lie.

"56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school."

"You just never know, there could be people around you that you don't even know about that are being bullied but they don't talk about it because it's such a bad experience," 7th grader Colby Crow told us.

The students say learning the statistics has been an eye-opening lesson for them.

"Every school I think has bullying but like some may be worse than others but I think every single school can get fixed to the point it doesn't happen that much anymore," says 7th grader Wesley Whisenant.

In talking to each other, the students learned of the experiences others have had, and the fear that some students have come to live with.

"All these numbers counting down like so many millions being bullied and the percentage of how many kids are afraid to do such things but how it only takes one person to say that's not cool, don't do that, don't listen to them, and then that could help them," says 8th grader Austin Elliott.

And like Austin said, all the numbers boil down to just one, being the one who will speak up.

The students have posted their video to YouTube. You can watch it by clicking HERE.

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  • Jerome

    I know there is some “Bullying” going on but everything is not “Bullying”! If you call someone a name once then your being a bully now. You’re not allowed to talk about your beliefs around anyone or you’re a bully! I think half of what is considered as “Bullying” is just kids being kids. Also parents need to teach their kids to stand up for themselves and not be bullied or at least let a teacher or principal know. I know this is not the way society says we should handle things but it has worked a majority of the time in the past. We have taught kids to use their words where a well placed pop on the jaw would end a lot of this. Let me tell you my story. I was Bullied as a kid in Jr High and the kid was much bigger than me. He would call me names, pick at me all day, shove me, and pop me on the back of the head. I tried to ignore what he had to say and laugh off any physical contact as it was never major. Well one morning he found the key that would make me react. He said something about my mother that I didn’t appreciate and I told him to apologize. Well he didn’t and decided to push me and that was when the training began. In the end I busted his nose and lip and didn’t get a scratch on me. After this he stopped being a Bully to me or anyone. This changed his life, my life, and every other person that he was bullying. So your right in the fact that it only takes “1” to make a difference but it also takes parents that will teach their kids not to be picked on and stand up for themselves.

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