Hilarious! Don’t you wish this was your flight attendant? We do!

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Flying can be frustrating – but this Southwest Airlines flight attendant makes the process a bit more fun.

You’ll laugh at the safety speech she gave passengers recently.


  • Bill

    Some would say this is unprofessional. You can bet that the people on this flight paid more attention too what she was saying than the hum drum instructions given on other airlines. Life needs to be more light hearted and she has just shown a GOOD example/

  • mamac

    It’s about time that the “professionals” has a sense of humor..Cause most of the time it’s the same ole same ole boring crap..But this is good..Way to go Southwest Airlines…

  • Amie

    We flew with Southwest for New Year’s & the flight attendants sang the safety procedures in the tune of Christmas music. They made the flight much more pleasant.

  • Rachel Hickey

    This was a breath of fresh air. What’s with all of the negative comments below? I’m pretty sure no one was complaining on that flight. That definitely eases the anxiety.

  • KB

    What a great way to get passengers to pay attention! The last few times I’ve been on a plane, passengers were on their phones or talking. I thought, when the sh*t hits the fan, these people won’t have a clue. Or maybe they fly more than me and could give instructions better than the flight attendant? In any case, I thought this was funny and a great start to a flight.

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