Unleash Your Artistic Creativity for Less This Week

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This week, there are great deals at a place where you can tap in to your creative side and save money at the same time in Huntsville. It's a unique art studio called My Spirited Art.

An evening there costs about the price for dinner and a drink and clients get at least an hour of painting and learning.

Plus - right now My Spirited Art has nice discounts to make Tax Day a little more fun.

The studio is located at the corner of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road.

Inside, the walls show all people have a creative side, even if they never knew it.

"We are not meant to be a hoity-toighty, artists only, for a select few," said Brandi Good, a studio manager. "We want to make sure everyone knows everyone can do art."

For $20 to $30, artists at My Spirited Art make it easy for people to come in, unwind and create something they'll have forever.

"We have a lot of engineers in this town, so we break it down to numbers and letters and shapes that they understand," said Good.

This week, the studio is getting creative with pricing, saving clients money with 20% off any adult class this month and a discount for summer camps.  (Click here for the Studio Calendar.)

"Until April 15th, we are offering 15% off one camp," said Good. "You just register for your camp now and then there's a code you enter at checkout and it will give you 15 percent off."   (Type in WHNT15% at checkout.)

She insists parents will save big money bringing children to the studio.

"We have story time, we have snack time and you do the painting all within an hour and it's just $20."

For adults, alcohol is welcome, although not provided. "Mainly, it's to get you to relax," Good said.

They even have something planned for people to save money on Tax Day, Tuesday, April 15th.

"We all know that tax day is not a very fun day, so we're gonna try to put a little bit of fun into it," said Good. "We're going to give you 20% off any adult classes currently on the calendar."

That goes for Monday, April 14th through Wednesday, April 16th. (Type in WHNTTAXDAY at checkout for 20% off .)

My Spirited Art also hosts fundraisers at no charge.

It gives up to 50% of the proceeds back to the organization.

My Spirited Art is located at 5000 Whitesburg Drive, Suite 130.

You can contact them at 256-883-3353.