Lauderdale Commissioners and Florence Council to Discuss EMS Contract

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – After one year of providing emergency medical assistance, the contract with Shoals Ambulance Service in Lauderdale County is up for renewal.

It took months for the Florence City Council and Lauderdale County Commission to agree on an EMS service provider in 2013.

But after the smoke cleared and feelings settled Shoals Ambulance Service was awarded the bid contract to provide emergency medical response to all of Lauderdale County.

One year later, the three year contract is up for its first contract review.

“They can award the contract without bidding as long as the vendor feels that the compensation is where it needs to be, and the governmental entity does as well. They can resign and proceed forward,” explained George Grabryan, Florence-Lauderdale 911 Director.

In an effort to make sure Shoals Ambulance Service lives up to their contract in Lauderdale County, 911 has a full time employee reviewing each and every response call.

According to Grabryan, Shoals Ambulance Service responded to more than 11,000 calls over the last contracted year.

“What that employee does is looks at our records that the call takers generate through 911, looks at the service’s records that are generated through the call process and just makes certain that everything is in compliance,” said Grabryan.

Of the 11,400 emergency calls, Grabryan said there have been four complaints, all of which were investigated and determined to be unfounded by the office of Emergency Medical Services for the Alabama Department of Public Health.

The Lauderdale County Commission is set to take up the contract renewal during their 1pm meeting on Tuesday.

At 5pm Tuesday, the Florence City Council will consider the ambulance contract renewal during their meeting.

Both governments must sign-off on the renewal, or a bid process will begin.