Huntsville City Schools Goes Paperless with Student Registration

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - One of the biggest tasks for parents each year is a mound of paperwork required for student registration.  Huntsville City Schools has launched a new automated online registration system to solve that problem.

"Parents and administrators have wanted for a very long time to switch over to a paperless system," says Huntsville City Schools IT Manager Sandra Simmons. "So we listened to what the parents have said and have investigated different software packages."

The system, called “InfoSnap,” allows parents or guardians to add, update or edit their child’s information each year without having to complete entire paper registration forms.

newstudent"You can come into the school at many schools and they are opening up labs throughout the city, or you can sit at home, use your student's computer and register your student from home," Simmons explains.

The new system will be used to verify student demographic, emergency and medical information, and is replacing all of the hard copy forms that a child brings home on the first day of school.  The system will also allow parents / guardians to electronically sign and submit the data to the district.

"Plus, it provides health information to the nurses that is not currently in our student information system," Simmons adds, "So that information will be at the fingertips of the nurses in the schools."

New student registration and returning student registration are now open.  Huntsville City Schools is asking everyone to complete the electronic registration by Friday, May 2, 2014, which will help the district in planning for the 2014- 2015 school year.

For more information and links to the registration page, visit the Huntsville City Schools website.  Parents who do not have internet access and need additional help may contact their child’s school to find out about assistance.


  • concernedparent

    If all the forms are filled out online, then how are parents held accountable for the zone they live in? If they aren’t required to submit hard copies of their mortgage/lease and utility bill to the school, then it will be a lot easier for people to lie about their address so they can put their child in whatever school zone they want. This problem is already bad enough when hard copies are required.

    Please, WHNT, find out how there will be accountability. Also, I would love to know how children who live in New Market (with both parents) are allowed to pay money to attend their choice of Huntsville City Schools. Seems like the taxpayers in the city should be able to pay to send their child to their desired school.

  • concernedparent


    This is my FIRST comment ever on WHNT. You don’t know me or my career. In fact, I don’t disagree with the online registration. I actually think it is a smart way to save paper and man hours. I just want to know how proof of residence will be monitored, especially since the school board is working so hard to redraw the lines and get us out from under the desegregation order. Jerk.

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