Truck Crashes Through Family Dollar, Burglary Investigation Underway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Police are investigating a burglary at Family Dollar, where a truck crashed into the building and smashed through an ATM.

Police responded to the Family Dollar on Wellman Avenue late Saturday night after a call that a Ford F-150 hit the front of the building. When officers got to the store, they found the front window and brick wall destroyed.

ATM Fam Dol Burg

Inside, they found someone had also broken into the ATM. Investigators have not said if any money was taken.

As of Sunday morning, the wall was repaired with plywood. No one was hurt. Huntsville Police will continue to investigate.


  • Steve (@SpaceTruckerX)

    ‘Busted’ is not a real word. While its slang use for someone who was arrested is often used, it should never be used by a journalist to describe something like ‘an ATM was busted open’ or ‘they found the front window and brick wall was busted out’.

    • JN Porter

      I’m with Steve. That article seems to have been written by someone who never attended a high school English class.

  • Claire Aiello

    Hi guys – thank you for your feedback. The person who wrote this article is actually a pretty bright employee of ours and graduated from college.

    We have adjusted the wording in the article. We thank you for reading and commenting.

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