Board Approves TVA’s Plan To Spray Guntersville Reservoir

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Board designated to govern the aquatics weeds spraying in the Guntersville reservoir approved the TVA's plan to balance the weeds.

The board is made up of officials from Marshall and Jackson Counties, bass tournament officials, recreation officials, and representatives from the TVA.

Those representatives heard and approved a plan to create a balance in the reservoir, extending from Guntersville to just short of the state line through Jackson County.

Marshall County Commission Chair James Hutcheson says the plan has worked in the past to create the balance the board strives for.  "It's basically the plan the TVA had in place when they were spraying several years ago."

The TVA recently announced it would control all of the weeds in the Guntersville reservoir for the next several years. In the past the TVA had been spraying both the residential and pubic areas of the lake but since 2010 the residents were responsible for their own property on the water.

County Commissioners say having the TVA spray the weeds is beneficial for the entire county. Hutcheson says keeping the weeds controlled will help property taxes  in those areas stay steady, which in turn keeps a good portion of the county's revenue steady.


Hutcheson says the plan is to spray an approved herbicide around the public and private areas of the lake to create a balance of the weeds, and not eradicate them.


Hutcheson says the board of representatives is there to ensure that balance stays in effect. He says that's why it's made of different officials, from bass tournament representatives to various recreation officials.

"Everyone seemed to be in agreement with this, because this was such a well-balanced plan when TVA was doing it before," Hutcheson says.

The board is expected to meet again in June.

The TVA will contract out the spraying, and Hutcheson says that's expected to start in June as well.


  • calm_down

    People who think that spraying weeds in the lake will “eradicate” them and impact fishing in Lake Guntersville are illogical and uninformed. It is impossible to completely kill all of it to a point that it will not come back. There are just too many different genetic strains of the plant species that are present in the lake, the majority of which are invasive species mind you. If weeds have been sprayed at one spot you want to fish at, troll over about 100 feet and I guarantee you’ll find yourself another patch of hydrilla. Spray it all!

  • Nuclear Mike

    Dear Lake Guntersville Businesses…our Families won’t be on your lake anytime soon as all of us remember the last time we inadvertently went in the lake water where TVA sprayed…it was awful!!!

  • Dawn

    Thank you for responding. Wouldn’t it be nice if money didn’t take precedence over common sense and preservation of all forms of wildlife.

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