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VIDEO: Steer Headed to Slaughterhouse Makes a Break for it

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ENGLEWOOD, OH (CNN/WHIO) - A steer headed for the slaughterhouse managed to get free Thursday in Ohio.

The animal, known as "Mister Moo," noticed the door on his trailer was partially open, so he didn't waste any time.  He must have known where his owners were taking him.

"The cow pushed the door open and jumped out," said Suzanne Luthe, the cow's owner.

"The interstate was a wreck. Finally got traffic to stop and we got the cow off."

Luthe says the steer had been scheduled to be taken to a slaughterhouse last month by her son.  But that same morning, he and two other teens were killed in a car crash.

Luthe says she's sure all three of them are "in heaven... laughing their heads off."


  • Skillpot

    I sure hope so that they are “in heaven… laughing their heads off.” I hope they had made the Right Choice!

    • Red

      And what “choice” is that skillpot? Why did you capitalize the words “right” and “choice”? What is it that you think you know? Cause I know for a fact that heaven doesn’t have the Earth TV channel. And even if some other heavenly spirit were to chat with these fellas and tell them about Mr. Moo escaping a gruesome slaughter, they would have no physical heads to laugh off even IF they thought it was funny.

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