Jackson Co. Commission Amends, Approves Retirement Incentive Plan

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) --  A unanimous vote puts the Jackson County Commission steps closer to eliminating a nearly one million dollar budget deficit.

Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says the vote pushed forward an amended plan to increase retirement incentives. "The incentive will basically allow for any employee who is eligible to retire, to retire with an extra lump sum," Hodges says.

Hodges says the Commission amended the original plan. "We increased the benefits for the employees and gave a little bit more time for the folks who would like to participate," Hodges says.

Hodges says they believe this plan will have a substantial impact on the budget deficit, depending on how many county employees take advantage of it.

The Commission's goal is to ensure this is beneficial for the employees. "We're not necessarily encouraging anyone to go," Hodges says, "But anyone that this is going to benefit, we hope that, if it is to their best benefit, I'm sure that they'll take it."

The deadline for the county's employees who are eligible to sign up for the incentive is April 22nd. Hodges says they'll have a more concrete idea of exactly how much this plan will impact the deficit after that deadline.