Freshman Center Project Delayed

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The new Freshman Center in Florence is a multi-million dollar project that was scheduled to done by January 2014.

According to Superintendent Janet Womack, she says bad weather delayed the project.

"The weather has not been normal this year and especially since we started the construction project of the Freshman Center. Mother nature has really worked against us at every angle of the project. And due to this, there has been 119 weather days that the project could not be worked on," said Womack.

This year's freshman class won't enjoy the new Freshman Center, but Superintendent Womack plans to have them commemorate the center.

"We have plans underway to commemorate the school in a way that they can leave their mark on the school for many years to come as the first class. They will continue to finish strong in their current location for this school year," said Womack.

Womack says the new Freshman Center will be completed by the end of May.