Former Bama Walk-on QB Luke Del-Rio Granted Eligibility at Oregon State

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Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Former Alabama walk-on quarterback Luke Del Rio will be immediately eligible to play this season at Oregon State.

Typically, players who transfer between two FBS programs are required to sit out the season, regardless of their scholarship status. Del Rio, though, was not technically recruited by Alabama, and that apparently provided an exception.

"I didn’t really see a good reason why I shouldn’t have been (eligible for 2014)," Del Rio told The Oregonian. "So I’m glad that they saw it the same way and I’m excited."

In an interview earlier this week, Del Rio laid out why he possibly qualified for an exception.

"If you're recruited, it's an automatic 'no,'" Del Rio told the Portland Tribune before his ruling. "But if you are unrecruited, (NCAA officials) look at your circumstances. They came back with a couple of more questions, which was encouraging. If they don't, it's usually a 'no.'"

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