Update: Governor Bentley Signs Education Budget, No Teacher Pay Raise Included

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT) – Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed the FY2015 Education Trust Fund Budget, which means there will be no Special Session for the state legislature and no two percent pay raise for teachers.

Lawmakers left out Gov. Bentley’s pay raise proposal in the education budget they passed last week. Bentley had suggested he would veto a budget that did not include a teacher pay hike, but his attempt to amend it could be an uphill battle. Taxpayers would likely cough up at least $100,000 for a special session.

“I am disappointed that the Legislature decided not to provide a pay raise for our hard working teachers and support personnel,” Governor Robert Bentley said.  “It is clear to me that the Legislature has no intention of passing a pay raise for teachers and support personnel at this time. Therefore, I will not call a Special Session right now.  However, I will keep a close watch on incoming revenues over the next few months, and will consider asking the Legislature to support a mid-year pay raise for teachers and support personnel if the revenues are there to support it.”

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Some local educators said the reality of budgetary constraints could mean teachers may have to wait another year for a raise.

“It’s a very tough call for the governor,” said Madison City Schools Superintendent Dee Fowler.

Fowler said there simply isn’t enough money to fund both a raise and the extra health insurance boost teachers did receive to offset new premium hikes caused by the new federal health care law.  He told us teachers he talked to are disappointed, but don’t disagree with the decision to fund PHIP instead.

“They [teachers] have told me that given the choice between the two percent or the fully funded PHIP, they would rather have the fully funded PHIP… that money is not taxed, and that may be more of a pay raise than a two percent pay raise could be.”

Teachers and other education employees did receive a two percent pay bump last year.


  • Bubba

    Start paying teachers a living wage. Universities can pay millions to air-head coaches each year for their Dumb Ball training and we can’t pay our teachers a decent wage. This is utter stupidity!

    • TruthLivesHere

      I agree wholeheartedly that teachers deserve more money. However, your comparing “air-head coaches” to teachers is apples and oranges. A good “air-head coach” takes a sports program and turns it into something a fan-base gets excited about and is proud of. This in turn generates revenue, and after a time, the sports program is generating millions of dollars (ticket sales, licensed products, etc.). This is where the “air-head coach” gets their “millions”. A good program will generate more than enough money to pay the “air-head coach” their “millions” and have money left over, which gets distributed to other areas of the university. This includes academics. So you see, the “air-head coach” is a great benefit to their university.

      • Wake Up

        There are over one thousand colleges and universities that are members of the NCAA. Only twenty-three of those sports programs are turning a profit. The average pay for coaches has increased 109% since 2005. The average pay for a professor has increased 4% since 2005.

    • Unbelievable

      I agree that the teachers need a significant pay raise. However, I do admire Governor Bentley for not calling a special session of the legislature and giving all them extra pay for not doing their job while in session. That was a ploy all along from the legislators to leave out something the governor wanted just so he would call a special session and they could get overtime pay.

  • screw aarp

    This is great news, no more money for the union workers, until they can get our state education system out of fourty second in the united states .giving union worker a pay raise,for not doing a good job, makes no sence.

  • Bubba

    Hey truthliveshere, you must be a mental midget. Schools should be for “schooling”, not some stupid sports programs. Few who play ever complete their education. they enter NFL and self-destruct. That is STUPID, AirHead.

    • TruthLivesHere

      Schools ARE for “schooling”. Sports are a good activity to help a person become well-rounded and learn how to compete. Learning to compete is a good life-skill. I won’t lower myself to your level and call you names. But judging by your attitude about sports I would say you must have been the fat kid that no one wanted on their team.

      • screw aarp

        hide behind a new user name , but judging from your attitude ,your the same ole tired far left socialist .

      • TruthLivesHere

        I’m FAR FROM a “far left socialist”, and I’m not hiding behind a new user name. I thought you were smarter than that “screw aarp”. Your posts led me to believe so.

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