Elise Morgan Bids Farewell to WHNT, Tennessee Valley

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It’s a bittersweet moment as I announce this week will be my last at WHNT News 19.

About two months ago, I received a call that I’ll never forget. My mother had just heard from her doctor with news that she had breast cancer. She was in the middle of the grocery store at the time and stood in shock with her cell phone in one hand and her cart in the other. I was the first person she’d shared the news with.

As a journalist, I’m reminded every day how short life is. But when your parent is facing an illness, it brings it even closer to home. After 7 ½ years away from my family in Texas, it became clear it’s time to go home and cherish every moment I have with all my loved ones.

It’s not easy to leave the Tennessee Valley. We’ve been through a lot together. After my first week here in 2006, we lost four students during the Lee High bus crash. We went through the UAH shootings together. And the life changing tornadoes of April 2011. You’ve invited me into your homes night after night. You’ve allowed me to be a part of your families. You’ve prayed with me and for me. I will never forget the mark you’ve made on my spirit and soul.

In 2006 I felt guided in my decision to come to the Tennessee Valley and make this my home. I was drawn to the beauty of the people and the area. I was touched by the generosity and kindness of the residents. I’ve never seen such a civic-minded community where everyone is treated like a close neighbor.

But this chapter is coming to a close as I am being guided back home. I’m looking forward to exploring new opportunities and passions and am excited about where that path will lead me.

I hope we can stay connected through social media. I ask for your prayers for my mom for complete healing and prayers for my family as well. Thank you for the many gifts you’ve given me over the years. I will always be grateful.

Elise Morgan with her mother

Elise Morgan with her mother, Anita



    • Alberta B. Robinson

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom and my prayers are with you both and as one far from home it time for you to be with your family. God be with you and your family.

    • Lynn Miles

      So sorry to here anyone have to here the words. My heart and soul will go into prayers for you’re healing, and the will of GOD to help you heal. You have raised a beautiful daughter, and she will be missed. Sending love and prayers for you and you’re family. God bless.

    • Dee Wesser

      God bless you and your family. I will add your mom to my prayer list. Have enjoyed you al of the years you have been here and god be with you in whatever the future holds.

  • Peggy Watson

    Elise Morgan, You will be missed, but your are respected in making your decision to stand along side your beautiful mother, Anita. She has one of the prettiest daughters alive. God bless you Elise Morgan. :-)

  • Anita Felton

    I want say goodby, because I want to keep in touch. Prayers for your mom and family. You”ll be missed. Always remember Jer. 29:11

  • Kathryn Warren

    While you were my favorite news anchor to watch, I made a similar decision nearly three years ago when based in Miami with American Airlines. After over 23 years and just 55 years old, I found out my mother had lung cancer. I was shocked, scared, and she was too. I retired and came home. Though she lost her battle , she would be happy with all the good news these days and I do not regret for a second the time I was allowed to spend with her.
    Good luck to both you and your Mom. I have learned that change, whether for good reasons or sad reasons, propels us into new and often exciting projects, careers, and people.
    Many prays to you and family…Kathryn

  • Linda Taylor

    We will miss you and will be praying for your mom, you and family. You will be right where you should be.

  • Ruth Ann

    You will never regret this decision. I treasure the moments I spent with my mom and dad during their cancers. God Bless You and God Speed!

  • Susan C

    So very sorry to read this news. Prayers for your mom and all those who love and will care for her. May God bless you for honoring her in such a beautiful way in “going home” to Texas.

  • Ruby

    You have made a great impression on the Tennessee Valley since your arrival here, and you make an even greater one by your decision to go be with your mother. God will surely bless for doing what he has taught us to do. You are a wondrful daughter as wel as a great human being. Prayers for you both and your entire family. A special thanks to your mom for sharing you with us for a while.

  • Deborah Cockfield

    May God bless you, your beautiful mom & family! I will remember to keep your mom, you & your family in prayer! You’re a good daughter!

  • Debra

    You will be missed. I completely understand your decision. My mom went through breast cancer last year. Praise God she is doing great. My best friend and teacher buddy across the hall went through aggressive third negative breast cancer three years ago. We thought everything was going to be good. The cancer has redeveloped in her lymph nodes in her neck and she is fighting for her life again. We will be praying for you and your mom.

  • Dianne

    Praying for your beautiful Mother and for you, I lost my mom 3 years ago and my sister and I stay night and day with her and my dad for year and a half, We loss then 7 months a part,and I would do it again,We hate to see you leave but you are making the right choice you wii never regret it.

  • Patricia Magee

    Though I will miss seeing your beautiful face every evening, I know you are making the right decision. I have done the same thing when we lost my Dad .. and then my Mother…. and then my daughter, all to cancer (of different forms) I have not regretted any of these decisions. Though it was hard to live through, I would not have done anything any differently. Without a doubt it will be a treasured memory.

  • Sandra

    Thank You for all the time you’ve given us, I’m so glad you chose to go and spend your time with your Mom. As a mother of 3, it would be the greatest gift one of my children could give me. Our prayers and love go with you, and I pray your Mom finds healing from God. He is still a healer. Keep us updated please.

  • anna ramirez

    I will miss your smile and listening to you. I pray that your mother heals and that the lord’s hand provides healing. Best of luck!

  • blakewilliams

    Praying for your mom! You will be missed here in the TN Valley, but family comes first! God Bless!

  • Angie

    Elise you will be missed but your decision to be with your mom shows just how special you are. I will pray for your mom and family daily. God Bless You…

  • Sue

    You’re a great news reporter. You will be missed! My prayers go out for your mother, you and your family. I hope your mother recovers fully!

  • ovella

    We have enjoyed your lovely smile night after night. Your mom and family will be in my prayers. I’ve been there., My mom also had cancer.don’t forget God is always close by. God Bless.

  • Craig McNeill

    Prayers Are With Ya Mrs Morgan I Lost A Sister With Breast Cancer On April 27th 2008
    I Know What Your Family And Mom Are Going Through Prayers Are With You All God Bless.You Will Be Missed By Everyone here in the tenn valley.

  • Sue Malone

    My prayers are with you on your move back home! Hope and pray for your Mothers healing! Have enjoyed your great work on 19 have watched you night after night! I think you have made the right choice! There nothing like your mother! Take time with her cherish every moment! I loss mine 10 years ago and cherish all the memories I had with her! May God Bless you and your family!

  • Elise

    As you can see, we share the same first name. I still meet people who are unfamiliar with the name “Elise.” I always tell them, “You need to watch WHNT News 19 with the BEST anchor in the Tennessee Valley–Elise Morgan. Then you’ll get used to how to pronounce my name!” Seriously, you are a real professional and I think you have raised the bar of news anchoring in the Huntsville area. I pray that your mom will beat the cancer. I lived in St. Louis while my mom wasted away from cancer in New Jersey in 1983. I wish I could have been with her, but I couldn’t quit my job. She died just 3 weeks before my first child was born and so I even had to miss her funeral. I look forward to seeing her again in heaven, but I still miss her terribly. God bless you for your decision to put family first.

  • Sharon

    You will be missed. I also had to make that decision to put on hold my career and become primary caregiver for my mother. It’s the best decision I ever made. May God bless you and your family.

  • Deborah Pence Dudley Fowler

    Praying for a complete healing for ur Mom and praying u will be happy and healthy and have a blessed life!! We will definely miss u but home is where the heart is and home is where u need u need to be now with ur precious Mom and family!! God Bless u and praying for the Best!!

  • Amanda

    Will definitely miss your smiling face each day. Prayers for safe travels for you and healing for your mother. God bless!

  • Elaine Langbehn

    Praying for you and your mother as she fights this battle. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you. Be safe on your travel home and take care of yourself. All of Huntsville will miss you!

  • Barbara

    Elise, we have come to love you and look forward to seeing you each day. We will miss you so much. I liked you the first time you came. I too got the phone call you got. But let me tell you, my Mom was 48 and she lived to be 82. We will pray for healing for you Mom and wish you the best. you will be greatly missed.

  • Vicki G. Baugh

    God bless you and be with you and your mother on this journey. No doubt you have made the best and only choice. The road may sometimes be rough but with faith and God by your side yall will be ok. i lost my father to lung cancer when i was 11 and my mother to cancer when I was 27. Cancer changes your life forever. Today treatment is so much more advanced and the care is so much greater than it was in my parent’s day. I always enjoy your smile and feel that it is genuine. I know that your mother is so lucky to have you coming home, and you are so lucky to have her all these years. Be thinking and praying for you and your entire family. Remember, “this to shall pass”.

  • Ann & Henry Hoffman

    Ann & Henry Hoffman
    Apr 10, 2014
    When you went on the air the first day it was like you had been here a long time. God Bless you, your Mom and of course your husband. We have a written prayer list so we make sure to remember all those who are in our hearts. You are now added to it.

  • Brenda B. King

    We don’t often understand why things happen as they do but God has this! He is the Great Physician and never makes a mistake. He sees the big picture and we see the small picture through our tunnel vision. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and I stand united with you and many others for God’s perfect will to be done regardless of our selfish desires. Be blessed and know God loves you individually and corporately.
    Brenda B. King, a soldier in God’s army.

  • Angie Tate

    You will be missed. I have really enjoyed you on the news. Will be praying for your Mom, you and your family.

  • Susan

    So sorry to see you go under these circumstances. You have been a wonderful news anchor. God bless you & your family

  • Julie Slayton

    I never knew your name, but I knew your face and your voice. You have a “sense of calm” about you that made listening to you very easy as you were always sincere – never judgmental. We all will be sending you and your Mom prayers of strength. Thank you for sharing your last story with us. Until next time…..

  • Martha Smith

    Elise we will really miss you but I know your making the right decision, one I would make in the same situation but the news will never be the same. We said goodbye to Dan Satterfield not long ago and now having to say goodbye to you is bittersweet but God be with you and prayers that we will hear that your mom is a cancer survivor our prayers will definitely be with her.

  • Ken Crane

    Not long after you came here I wrote to tell you that my wife and I thought that no one could take Amy’s place and that you hadn’t, but that you had created a place of your own that was just as special. Well, we’ve been loyal watchers. We’ve enjoyed how you developed relationships with your co-workers and at the same time with us. Now, guess what; we wonder how anyone can take your place. No one can and will not. We will pray for your mother and you. I didn’t catch her last name, but God will know Anita when we mention her name. As we say in the south, you come back, you hear!

  • Travis

    The Tennessee Valley will certainly miss you. You are a “Classy Lady”. Your decision is the only one you could make and we support you 100 percent. Hope all goes well for your Mother…and your renewed life back in Texas.

  • Misty Dean

    I will miss seeing your smiling face. I understand your decision and I know that you are doing the right thing. My mother is a breast cancer suvirior and I am so glad and honored that I was able to be with her during that time. I pray for you and your Mom and all of your family. GOD Bless you :)

  • Brenda

    Be blessed as you travel back home. We will pray that your mom will grow stronger and that you will be a blessing to her. Your smile and great news delivery will truly be missed around here. Take care and may God richly bless and keep you.:)

  • Linda Leles Hampton Cove, Alabama

    Elise Morgan, you have been a regular in our home for some time. Blessings to you, your mom, and your family. I will pray that she will find the peace, comfort, and healing in the days ahead. I so know how you are feeling at this time. My mother had breast cancer 49 years ago when it seemed so little could be done. Cherish every moment with your family.

  • Ann Walden

    Elise, you are such a special person and I have enjoyed you so much since you have been here, and will miss you greatly. You and your mom look like sisters in your pictures! My prayers are for her full recovery and that she will live a long, healthy life and that God will give her, you and your family strength, comfort and miracles as you go through this time. God bless you.

  • Elizabeth Teal

    Elise, we are going to miss your smiling face!! My husband said you couldn’t be replaced! But I understand what you are doing!! I would do the same thing!! i will be praying for your mom and all of you as you go through this!! But we will miss you!!!!God Bless!!!!

  • Chris Hammond

    Elise, thank you for the years you served our communities. I’ve always enjoyed watching you and the rest of the news crew. We will miss you greatly but know you are doing the right thing. I recently spent as much time as I could with my mom to help her during her sickness but wished I had done more. I will be praying for your mother’s healing and that your family will get through this too. We love you and God Bless you and your family.

  • Neoka Ivey

    After 11 years in Texas, my home away from home, I was called home to Huntsville to care for my parents much the same as you. God Bless you and your family. The valley’s prayers are with you and your mother. We will miss you and your impact on the everyday lives of those here. Cherish the moments you have with your parents and never regret this move. God Bless Texas and Roll Tide!

  • SB

    We are going to miss our favorite local newscaster… Good Luck Elise. Praying for you and your family…

  • Veckie Cahela

    Elise, we have enjoyed your presence in our home each night. You have done a great job keeping us informed on the easy and tough news stories. I wish for you and your Mom the very best. Your family and your Mom will be in my prayers. Prayer works, I know first hand. In 2004 my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma, caused by exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He was given six months to live. He is still with us due to the many prayers sent up on his behalf. Stay strong, and keep the faith. Most of all enjoy the closeness and joy of being with your mom. God bless you and keep you.

  • cedena couch

    So sorry for the news of your Mother and about you leaving. You going home to be with her during this crisis in her life, just shows what a wonderful sweet person you are.

  • Carrie

    You will be missed by so many!! Praying for you and your family as your mom battles this horrible illness. May God bless you and your family.

  • Harold E. Thompson

    Thanks for coming into our home night after night with the latest news available. You will be sorely missed in our household, but we feel you are doing the best thing for you and your mother. We feel you are one of the best to anchor the news anywhere. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Sandra Hardy

    Good Luck and I wish your mom the speediest recovery. I just faced this with my mom unfortunately she lost her battle with this dreadful disease, but just so you know Time is all they want in the end and give all you can.

  • Zelma L. Clough

    Elise, It has been a pleasure having you in our homes each night,.. I know that WHNT has been a wonderful family. . You will be very much missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband for a safe trip and for your mom and all of you. . May God send His healing touch. Zelma

  • Barbara Walton

    Elise, I have enjoyed your news and your pleasant personality each night on WHNT. May God be with your mother as she fights this illness. Although I don’t know you personally, I will say that she has raised a good, loving and loyal daughter. Thanks for the years that you reported news to our area! Barbara Walton…Killen, AL

  • Becky

    We always enjoyed listening to you. You are such a lady.
    We are in agreement with you for total healing for your mom. God is good and He provided that for her 2000 years ago. God bless you as you return to your family.May His grace and peace be with you.

  • Sheila

    Dear Elise,
    You are truly a class act ALL the way. Praying God’s blessing for you, your family and most importantly your Mom during this trying time.

  • Mike C.

    I lost my father from lung cancer in 2009 everyday since has been hard on me . I often look back and remember things we talked about and it hits me he is gone . Take the time with family and friends hold on to memories and carry them with you.

    The one thing my father asked me when he found out in 2007 was to quit smoking and promise him I would never do it again . Honor is what we can give them after they are gone , keep promises and have faith.

  • Christopher

    Elise, you are a great newscaster. You, like many of the others on Whnt 19, show your humanity and care for your job. I have tried to watch other local news stations, and the people on 19 are not just acting like robots going though the motions. I wish you the best back in Texas and healing for your mother.

  • Diane

    You will be missed. Always enjoyed watching you report the news. Thoughts and prayers for you & your Mom. May God give you both courage during this journey.

  • Craig

    Even Though we havent meet u are a special person and you will be missed you are the best news reporter whnt 19 had.Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With You And Your Sweet Mother Give Her a BIG BAMA HUG RTR.

  • Barbara and John Cummings

    Elise, you have always been one of our favorite newscasters in our new home in the TN Valley. Your calm professionalism made you stand out. It takes a righteous woman to make the decision that you have made. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hope God holds you in the palm of His hand and close to His heart.

  • Amy

    You are my favorite newscaster and will be very much missed in the TN Valley! You were always so professional in your delivery and had a bright smile for everyone. I will be praying for total healing for your mother and an easy relocation for you. Good luck in Texas!

  • Debra Stewart

    Praying that your mother will get through this , and all will be well. Sorry to hear that your leaving, but very understandable. Good luck in your future, may God Bless and be with you and your family during this ordeal and beyound.

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