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Teacher Has Brilliant Response to Student’s Profane, Insulting Letter

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An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) received a letter from one of her students that was taped to the door of the classroom, according to a post on Reddit.

The student didn’t have the guts to sign it, but went off about the class, saying “I’m pretty much out.”

The 101-word letter can be difficult to read, and it’s full of grammatical and spelling errors. How did the teacher respond? By getting a red pen and correcting all of the student’s mistakes.

At the bottom of the letter, the teacher made one last point:

“*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”

Read the full letter below. NOTE: Some of the language may be offensive to some readers.



  • Chris

    Looks like she wasn’t a very good teacher!

    The kid can barely form legible sentences, let alone spell the words correctly.

    And this is written by a senior in high school???

    • Amanda

      You can lead a horse to water…. but you can’t make it pay attention and want to learn. Isn’t that the way the saying goes? Obviously, this student had a wonderful attitude towards learning, so it must be the teacher’s fault. Right? smh

      • Bonnie

        You can lead your horse to water but you can’t make him drink. You can send your kid to college but you can’t make him think!

    • Ashley

      If they are a senior in high school, they should have been taught this stuff by their past English teachers. You shouldn’t base one’s education solely on one English teacher. By the way, you shouldn’t ask a question starting with the word “and.”

    • Amy Holt

      you can try to teach all you want, if the child doesn’t want to learn then they won’t. Obviously this went back several years, you learn how to form sentences in the elementary and middle schools not high school. Again I say I would have been so ashamed if this had been my child.

    • Amanda Collier

      This student was likely illiterate before English IV. Obviously this teacher is a miracle worker.

  • Skillpot

    Yes, Chris, you make a good point! This letter reflects back on the teachers at all levels, including college! There is so much time wasted in classroom.

    • Ginger

      I am sorry but that does not explain the problem of the kid. If he/she picked up a book in any of their years on this Earth, they would know how to form sentences and use punctuation. This kid is following in the steps of others his/her age in refusing to take responsibility and believing that a lack of knowledge is not going to be a problem in the the future. We can only hope this kid will suddenly choose to learn instead of taking the easy way out.

      I agree that time is wasted in some classrooms but when you have kids who refuse to study and learn, to where the teacher has to slow down the rest of the class in order for him/her to catch up, then yes, that is a waste of time, for the students who want to learn. Some teachers allow kids to watch movies or do things which is not considered “educational.” But if this kid is a senior, he/she has had more than a dozen other teachers over the years. I can imagine one or two teachers who chose to pass the kids on to the next teacher instead of actually teaching. I cannot though, imagine that all of his/her teachers went that route.

      This kid has had an opportunity to learn. He/she has only refused to do so. It is the fault of the kid for choosing to be ignorant.

      • Skillpot

        Ginger, you do make good points in your comments!

        Obviously, his home life was not conducive to learning, and that does make it harder, even on an excellent teacher!

  • TMD

    It is sad that the first comments are attacking the teacher and not the parents. Parents should be held accountable for their child’s actions. It begins at home!

  • Audra Jennings (@audrajennings)

    Considering the fact that someone wrote a note like this in the first place (with profanity and a refusal to do work), do you really expect them to form legible sentences? I don’t think this person ever put in the effort to learn. I don’t blame it on the teacher.

  • hallmark

    Did it cross your mind to blame the student for not paying attention or studying for the terrible writing they produced? Its not always the fault of teachers. They can’t force students to care or study.

  • Tammy

    Don’t blame the teacher. A teacher can only teach those who want to be taught. They can put everything out there, but if the student refuses to grasp it, or doesn’t ask for help when they don’t understand it, then it is their fault. I was one of those that didn’t care to learn in school. I pay for it now by wishing and hoping I am spelling things right, and etc. I just am saying from where I stand looking at this, This student does not want to learn English, and that is not the teachers fault. Some of the mistakes in this letter go back to things he/she should have been taught in elementary school.

  • freak-out

    1. This kid was ignorant enough to leave a note like this because he clearly didn’t pay attention in class.
    2. Kudos to the teacher for editing the paper. I hoped she whited out the ugly words and hung it back up.
    3. This goes to show you that stupidity is singled out in this school. Hopefully punishment came appropriately, but I’m sure she may have had a good idea as to who it was.

  • Ruby Wilkerson

    Not the teachers fault that the person didn’t learn anything in her class. If they had paid more attention to their education ,then they would at least be able to make a legible sentence.

  • Bill

    Here we are again with no one wanting to be responsible for their own actions. Always looking for someone else to blame things on. Yes this does and should start at home with the parents. I have two daughters 16 and 11 and they are held accountable for their shortcomings and stride to become more accomplished in these areas. When the parent allows the child to blame someone else they are part of the problems also.

  • Boondocker

    Sad that he/ she is a senior and this is the best letter they can write. Their job search is going to be difficult. I don’t think it is the teacher’s fault or the parent’s fault or the child’s fault. I think it is all of our faults for tolerating entitlement.

    • Allen L. Smith

      JOB SEARCH, Are you kidding? This kid will never look for a job. Why would they when the Government will pay their way? That is the problem in society when we reward BOTH sucess and failure with a free ride.

  • sarah

    lolol This is just funny. How many of you commenting paid a little extra attention to your grammer and punctuation? lol

  • C. H.

    As an educator I see one problem with this letter that overshadows the grammatical errors and where they stem from. The fact that a student would have the nerve to think it acceptable or appropriate to leave a letter like this for a teacher is one of the highest forms of disrespect I have ever witnessed. This is the bigger problem. This student was never taught how to be respectful. Respect is the most lacking component of human interaction in the world today. Respect begins at home. It is a learned behavior. This is the issue that should first be addressed if you want this student to learn and grow.

  • Jreynolds

    The lack of respect and laziness from this student is appalling!! The only smart thing he/she did, is not signing their name. I hope this kid is held accountable for his/her words to this teacher. If they are just “let off the hook” we’re producing citizens that feel the rest of us owe them simply because they breathe!! We have too many people with flawed mindset already. It’s an attitude, and it needs adjusting!!

    • David

      I don’t really think the student was being smart at all. The fact that s/he decided not to sign the letter shows that s/he is disrespectful and cowardly.

  • SJG

    While it is safe to assume that NASA is not frantically searching for the author of the letter in order to fill their ever growing need for rocket scientists, the teacher may not be completely blameless. Any good teacher can inspire a group of motivated students. Great teachers inspire the motivation.

  • Basil Turchin

    Actually, if the teacher did not do a better job at teaching the importance of proof reading- much less the rest, then this is a reflection on them, rather than the student. ” “If the instructions and words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame.” – Sun Tzu.

    • Amy

      A teacher can be precise and completely clear, but if the student refuses to learn, listen or even attend an English class, there is little he/she can do to force learning.

  • April Adams

    I was substituting last spring at our middle school and had a student tell me “F*** no I am not doing my work!” He wound up in the principal’s office. SMH.

  • Karinttt

    I don’t think any teacher is at fault for a student who refuses to learn. How can you blame the teachers if this child has an attitude throughout his school years? Some people are just stupid and nothing can fix that. I wish she had graded the paper with a big fat “F.” I’m sure she can identify this student by his attitude, failure to learn, and cowardice. How many of her students have all 3 traits. Parents have failed their children much more often than teachers. Certainly this child did not have bad teachers ever single year of his education. Blaming the teacher is like blaming the messenger.

  • Amy

    This letter reflects the texting, Instagram and Twitter age. We are sending kids to college and out into the workforce without the ability to communicate verbally or in written form. They abhor face to face contact and cannot interview to save their lives. Whoever wrote this piece of garbage letter should be first and foremost ashamed that they wrote such filth to a teacher. The fact that it is full of fifth grade grammatical errors is the icing on the cake. I hope this kid understands how unintelligent he/she looks now that this letter has been posted.

  • SJG

    If the only requirement for informing young minds is that the curriculum be recited in front of the class, lets buy a bunch of DVD players and save some money. Teachers are supposed to TEACH! Any knuckle dragging idiot can stand there and read the rules of grammar. These are supposed to be individuals trained in the art of tricking children into learning whether the children want to or not. I’ve had 6 or 7 truly great teachers in 19 years of schooling. K-12, BA and MA. I studied economics in college and had never heard of the major before my arrival on campus. I have 2 degrees in it because in my freshman year a GREAT professor grabbed my attention and made me want to learn more. Not holding teachers responsible for their ability or inability to teach is horseshit. Teachers want better compensation. They should do a better job. I’ll give every one of them 75k a year to start with appropriate increases, as soon as they stop hiding behind “tenure” and agree to be graded on their performance like the rest of the workforce.

  • Sue

    You can give a teacher a degree, but that’s doesn’t mean that teacher wants to teach outside of a book..too many teachers are robots…

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