City of Huntsville Breaks Ground on Fire Station #19

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The City of Huntsville broke ground Wednesday on a new $2.3 million fire station. Fire Station No. 19 is being built on a 2.74 acre lot on Old Big Cove Road. The 7,001-square-foot single story building will include two apparatus bays and living quarters.

"It'll actually tie in to Station 17's territory in Hampton Cove and the Mountain Gap Station 14 will actually come up the back side of the mountain," said Huntsville Fire & Rescue Chief Howard W. McFarlen Jr.

A closer station means faster response times for the neighborhood. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said he's excited about providing another station for the area.

“This station is another component in our public safety master plan,” said Mayor Battle. “We are focused on improving coverage throughout the city, particularly for annexed properties along our growing corridors.”

The new fire station should be open by spring 2015. “This location will improve our ability to respond promptly to this growing area of the city,” said McFarlen. “Engine Company 19 will have 12 personnel assigned to the station with four personnel on duty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week."



  • Tommythunderball

    Hope this fire station is as architecturally attractive as the station on West Clinton Ave. It is past time for Huntsvilloe to begin building like a progressive city.

  • Jim M

    I t should look like the new Station 7 that was recently completed on Green Cove road near Farley Elementary in south Huntsville. West Clinton Ave is the Fire Dept Headquarters.

  • Art

    $2.3mil for a 7,000 municipal building is wasteful spending, about $1.5mil too much.
    WHy do we tolerate such spending?

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