Senior Volunteer Contest Winner Brings In $500 For Greater Huntsville Humane Society

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Home Instead Senior Care honored a 72-year-old Hunstville woman for her community service on Monday.

Betty Brumley won a statewide contest, and she gets $500 for the charity of her choice.

When we arrived, they already had the giant check written out to the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

But could scandal endorse this check? When we ask Brumley, she says she's not even the real winner of the contest! So who is?

According to Brumley the actual winner is, "Oh the animals. Most definitely."

Brumley worked hard to bring the award home. She helps at the thrift store that raises money for the humane society. Every week, she gets in between twenty-five and thirty hours.

Brumley actually found herself entered in the contest after we aired an interview on WHNT News 19 This Morning encouraging people to make their case for the best senior servants.

Brumley tells us, "Lorraine Reed, my friend that works at the store, she saw it on your station, and she called me and asked me if she could put my name in the nomination. So I said, 'Sure, for five-hundred-dollars!'"

Home Instead Senior Care puts on the contest to promote seniors staying involved.

Marketing Director Julie Smith says,"Fifty-percent of seniors 65 and older are already volunteering in their community, and we want to encourage them to get out and stay active. It helps them emotionally. It helps them stay active physically, and it's just a really good overall use of their time and energy."

As for the big winners, the animals will surely appreciate the extra food and toys the contest winnings can supply.

But Brumley gets something from it too.

She says, "It seems like I just found my niche. It's just what I love to do."

Brumley is the first state winner to come from Huntsville.

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  • Sue

    Congratulations! Helping animals is a GREAT cause to give money!!! They deserve anything good that happens to them. The volunteers are ANGELS for doing this. I am so glad Ms. Brumley won!!!!!

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