Madison County School Superintendent Candidate Forum Coming April 15

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The forum for the 2014 candidates for Madison County Schools Superintendent will be held on Tuesday, April 15 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Davidson Center Digital Theater.

This forum is free and open to the public. The doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Presented by Huntsville Committee of 100, Leadership Huntsville/Madison County, WHNT News 19, and Alabama Media Group, this forum will give you a chance to weigh the candidates in order to make an informed decision at the polls.

The candidates are:

  • Ronnie Blair – Blair is the principal of Sparkman Middle School.
  • David Copeland – Copeland was appointed as superintendent of Madison County Schools in March 2012 former superintendent Terry Davis retired in late 2011.
  • Chad LaQua – LaQua was the principal of Butler High School. He resigned in 2012.
  • Matt Massey – Massey is a teacher at Buckhorn High school.

We will post the superintendent forum on at a later date.


  • Irene

    I watched the entire last debate and am baffled as to why anyone would even consider endorsing or voting for Matt Massey. While he can be charming at times, he has no experience and much of the information he gave was completely false. He is just a kid who would be a puppet for the school board. I hope people are not blind to his charm and see his lack of knowledge and Naivety. At least Ronnie Blair has experience as a school administrator and more of a pulse of what is really going on in our school system. He has been an administrator and knows what it means to lead a school but in my opinion has his own agenda. If you ask me, Dr. Copeland is the only true superintendent candidate worth voting for. He has the experience, he knows the facts, he has a true view on reality and the state of the school and he has done a great job with our schools. Dr. Copeland has my vote!

    • Jon Calhoun

      Irene if you’re going to post on multiple websites, at least change up the content. Copy-paste is too easy and makes what you’re saying seem less legitimate.

      Also, you need to find something concrete. Complain about the candidates’ vision or tie color. Regurgitating the experience piece about Copeland is over-simplified.

      With your logic, only former superintendents should be running. A better post would have included the achievements in office by Copeland. Hopefully there’s enough room in your text box to list them all.

      Experience, by itself, is not good enough. I want to see results. He’s avoided termination over the last two years. That’s it.

      Finally, don’t capitalize naivety.

  • BDillon

    I agree Irene. However, what you call charming I call arrogance. My take on the 3 candidates is that Dr. Copeland is the only true superintendent. I don’t want to trust my children’s future to inexperience. I don’t care how great of a teacher Massey is, teaching and running a school system are two different worlds. My vote is for Dr. Copeland as well.

  • BDillon

    Because Irene didn’t have solid facts on Dr. Copeland let me help her out a bit because I too believe Dr. Copeland is doing a great job.
    Here are just a few “solid facts” –

    Dr. Copeland has partnered with County Commissioners to acquire $55.6 million in BRAC funds
    Madison County Schools have received $1,526,538 in grants under Copeland
    There were $30 million in scholarships offered last year
    He has expanded the career technical program as well as remodeled the career technical school
    He installed a new VOIP phone system which saved the school $1 million last year alone
    He has implemented multiple school safety programs, swipe card entries and cameras to 22 schools which are making our kids safer
    Graduation rates are up, drop-out rates are down…and I could keep going. In my opinion he is doing a great job and will have my vote. when comparing his success record to the other candidates there is no comparison. I am tired of hearing how great of a math teacher Massey is. Did you know Dr. Copeland was selected by the American Association of School Administrators as one of 35 superintendents in the U.S. as a visionary leader to attend a national
    roundtable panel. He was also elected by the Nexus Research Group as one of 45 superintendents in the United States as most visionary and innovative. Has Massey or Blair had that success?

  • Kelly

    Do any of your children go to a Madison County School? I am not impressed with any of them. I am still waiting for someone who will put our children first!

  • BDillon

    Kelly, please don’t take this as negative towards you because I am just curious. I have heard multiple people say “put our children first”. What does that actually mean to you? What would you like to see the Superintendent do or say? This comment has always confused me because the superintendents job is big picture. It’s finance, safety initiatives, teacher incentives, it is basically providing funding and implementation of programs which allow teachers to teach the children most effectively in a safe environment. Superintendents don’t have direct contact with kids on a daily basis like teachers do. So more than anything I would just like to hear your perspective on what you are looking to hear someone say or do? Thanks for the insight.

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