Huntsville’s Lowe Mill Celebrates STEM Education Subjects with STE(A)M Fest Event This Weekend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Saturday April 12 Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment will host the first ever STE(A)M Fest, a free all-ages event celebrating the STEM education curriculum (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with an emphasis on how those subjects are used in visual, creative, and performing arts.

The event happening from noon until 4pm is sponsored by UAH and Huntsville City Schools and will feature demonstrations, lessons, and hands-on activities for students presented by several Lowe Mill artists as well as outside organizations, businesses, and professionals.

Students will have the opportunity to decorate canvases using a robotic, software-controlled paintball gun, walk across a large pool of non-Newtonian fluid, see an in-progress full-scale reproduction of the Millenium Falcon created using a CNC machine, battle futuristic space aliens using the simple machines of catapults, create their own piezo-based amplified instruments, and view physics in action through slow-motion videography. In addition to hi-tech lessons, several artists will demonstrate how STEM subjects are used practically in their professions, in mediums ranging from ceramics to puppetry to blown glass and more.


(PHOTO: Ian McCalister)

(PHOTO: Ian McCalister)

STE(A)M Fest is the first event of it’s kind for Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, Huntsville’s independent arts community on Seminole Drive. While the facility is popular for hosting live performances, gallery shows, and other artistic enterprises, the introduction of STE(A)M Fest marks a new effort by Lowe Mill to integrate Huntsville’s large scientific and engineering community into its many creative outlets.

“We are extremely excited to be able to host the first ever STE(A)M Fest at Lowe Mill”, said Executive Director Marcia Freeland. “Although local engineers, programmers, scientists and other brilliant technical thinkers have been patrons of Lowe Mill for years, we are long overdue for some events and projects that bring Huntsville’s creative minds and scientific minds together for interesting collaborations.”

Lead organizer of STE(A)M Fest, Professor Philip Kovaks has gathered sponsorship from UAH and Huntsville City Schools as well as reaching out to several businesses, organizations, and professionals in the STEM industries.

“As an educator I am constantly looking for ways to make subjects exciting for students who might not otherwise be engaged by math or science. When I saw how engaged young people were by the sights and sounds being created by artists at Lowe Mill I realized it was the perfect venue for demonstrating some cool uses of what our public schools teach children in the STEM curriculum.”

Lowe Mill artists participating in STE(A)M Fest are puppeteer Anna Sue Courtney, glass blower Sue Knecht, videographer J.D. Frey, sculptor Calvin Hubbard, sculptor Gokden Matthews, ceramicist and quilter Guadalupe Robinson, web designer and painter Monica Yother, cartographer David Nuttall, instrument builder John Nickel, and artists from Huntsville Art League demonstrating color theory.

Multiple professionals will also set up at Lowe Mill for the event, including MindGear Labs, Smarter Every Day, Intuitive Research and Technology, Huntsville Electro-Optical Society, Appleton Learning, Space Camp, Huntsville-Madison Public Library, TEDx Huntsville, Huntsville City Schools, UAH, and Sci-Quest.

The event will take place outdoors in the Lowe Mill water tower parking lot as well in the individual studios of artists throughout the building. In case of rain all outdoor activities will be moved into the first floor connector.

For more information about the STE(A)M event contact Lowe Mill's Event Coordinator by email at or call at 256-533-0399

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    Get there early…a lot of the vendors have things for kids to take home but supplies are limited.

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