Give or Get Help Free at Madison County’s Volunteer Center

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - This is a special week for people who enjoy helping others save money among other things.

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week and the United Way of Madison County wants to make sure everyone is aware of how easy it is to find someone to help you do something you can't do physically or can't afford to have done financially.

There are many volunteers who like to help others free of charge.

They save many people who live on fixed incomes a lot of money.

In Madison County, there's a big database of information that people can access to find help for free. It's part of the Volunteer Center for the United Way of Madison County.

From mowing grass for the elderly, to helping people with animal care, to building ramps for the disabled, free help is just a few clicks and/or a phone call away.

"It's a great free service," said Veronica Tucker, director of the Volunteer Center. "It's a database where any non-profit or organization could go on there, list their opportunities, and connect to over 900 individuals in madison county who have already registered on the site."

Tucker said several years ago the Volunteer Center closed. United Way recognized the void created and brought it back to life. Now, it's handled online.

Currently, there are nearly 300 ways people can volunteer to help others -- and those who can't afford to pay for work can connect with someone who's eager to do it for free.

Tucker gave an example of a retiree who had lots of lawn care equipment, who can save someone about $60 a month.

"He wants to go out and mow the lawn of elderly individuals in this community," said Tucker.

In fact, the United Way figures volunteers save people an average of $22.14 an hour.

Volunteers run the thrift shop at "A New Leash on Life".

That raises money to pay for animal vaccionations, giving some financial relief to those willing to adopt the animals.

Tucker said the Volunteer Center's online tools provide a money-saving service to students.

"When you apply for scholarship applications, they want to know how many hours of volunteer service that you've completed," said Tucker. "This way you can log all your hours and keep it in one place, have a description of what you've done throughout your process and it's just simple and easy. And it's free!"

The United Way of Madison County wants to be the "go to" place for volunteer opportunities, for those who need the help and those who want to give it for free.

By phone, you can reach the United Way of Madison County and the Volunteer Center at 256-536-0745.  They're located at 701 Andrew Jackson Way Huntsville, AL 35801. ;

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