UPDATE: Decatur City Council Approves Sweetwater Development Deal

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - The Decatur City Council voted 3-2 to approve phase one of the Sweetwater development Monday evening.

It could create 400 new jobs in the short term and thousands of jobs over the long term.

The Sweetwater commercial project is a plan for a 100,000-square-foot sporting goods store.  Council members voted late Monday night on an ordinance to authorize a project development and funding agreement between the City of Decatur, Bass Pro Outdoor World, L.L.C. and Genesis USA Development, L.L.C.

The Sweetwater project has been talked about since 2008.  It would be anchored by Bass Pro Outdoor World on the corner of Interstate 65 and I-565 in a portion of Decatur-annexed Limestone County.

City leaders expect the more than 500-acre development to draw in new retail stores and restaurants.

Bass Pro Outdoor World would be valued at about $35 million and would be the state's fourth Bass Pro Shop.  If the deal passes, it's scheduled to open in 2016.

An incentive package for the deal includes tax rebates of $31 million for bass pro and up to $14 million for a possible hotel.

The project would include a boulevard and a new overpass over AL Highway 20 to alleviate traffic issues around the facility.

The first phase of the project could bring in about 400 jobs, but in the long term, it could bring up to 4,000 jobs.


  • Roger

    I’m sure the ignorance of the Decatur City council will screw this deal up for the second time and I’m sure they want get a third go at this development. I hope they prove me wrong because it would create jobs and revenue for Decatur.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The Investors have to be “spooked” enough now to hesitate yet again for all the good’ol’boy deals involved and the current Decatur City government won’t be there shortly…

    • Wake Up

      That area is a death trap only because it has very little development. When there is more profit to be made, the state/city will make that area safe for the shoppers. There are many roads/intersections in the state that have multiple deaths that have fought unsuccessfully to have traffic lights or signs put up to increase safety. Notice that when a major business comes in they get all the traffic lights that they need to help shoppers easily and safely get in to spend their money!

      • Pamela Jane (@Idratherbehikin)

        Wake Up you apparently don’t drive on these roads during morning and evening rush hour traffic.
        I-565/I65 can’t handle the amount of traffic as is. Factoring in an additional 4,000 more vehicles will make this a traffic nightmare.
        You say the state will make this area more safe by adding traffic lights…which will disrupt the flow of traffic even more. More bottlenecks, more traffic jams ?
        That’s just Awesome!!
        Another comment you made that this will keep Huntsville/Madison shoppers from coming to Decatur to shop. Most people in Decatur travel to Huntsville/Madison for employment, shopping and entertainment. Hence all traffic and the fact that the current roadway infrastructure cannot handle the number of vehicles as well as 4,000 more. Wake Up, you’re wrong :o)

      • Wake Up

        That is what I was saying. I said that a lot of people live in Decatur and work in Madison and Huntsville. Many of those people will live in the new Sweetwater residential areas instead of in Decatur. That will kill the Decatur real estate market. You are only talking about the “rush hour” traffic. Are you trying to say that it is rare for someone not living in Decatur to shop in Decatur today? No matter what the size of that shopping population, it will be less if they can get to the Sweetwater stores sooner than any store in Decatur. Many stores will not be able to survive even a small drop off of shoppers.

  • Wake Up

    That will be $45,000,000 that will not be going to the schools since the developers will not have to pay sales taxes for several decades. Great deal — not!

    • Branko Pezdi

      Yeah right, the schools would get $45,000,000 if this development never happened. Never mind the hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue generated for the community and hundreds of jobs when the retailers set up shop. Ordinary people are too stupid and greedy to be entrusted with such revenue when it should be the enlightened government spending tax dollars on its world class government school system. Thank you, Wake Up, for once again educating us rubes with your superior wisdom.

      • Wake Up

        I know you do not care about public education, but many do care greatly. If the development is successful, the schools will not get as much from that success because the corporations will not have to pay sales taxes for decades. The people that work for those developers and the people spending money at those stores will have to pay taxes. The taxes that they pay will be “rebated” back to the corporations. This is another example of corporate wealthfare. Shift the tax burden onto the little guy and let the big fish swim free.

      • Branko Pezdi

        You don’t know crapola. I – and other rational people – care about public education a hell of a lot more than you do. What we don’t care for is the way you leftists have destroyed it. As for your theories on taxes and corporations, continue to write your nonsense and demonstrate your abject ignorance in public. We all need a good laugh.

      • Wake Up

        It is easy to see from your posts that you only care about education if it teaches what you want it to teach (ie. non-leftist stuff).

        What is nonsense about what I posted concerning taxes and corporations? Name calling is not enough for me to understand where I went wrong. Help me understand.

    • It's Me

      @Wake Up, business don’t pay taxes anyway. All taxes that a business owes will be tacked onto any goods that they sell and then will be passed onto the consumer. Besides, business don’t pay sales tax. They just calculate, collect and pay it to the Fed/State/City. We, the consumers, pay all taxes. If a business doesn’t add all taxes into the price of their goods or services then they’re stupid and don’t need to be in business anyway. But, in this case, with the increased revenue coming into the local and state government this will be good for the city.

  • Wake Up

    This development is going to kill off the shopping in Decatur. A large number of people that shop in Decatur come from Madison and Huntsville. Why drive all the way over there if they only have to drive to the new Sweetwater development? Also, if they build residential development people that work in Madison and Huntsville will live there and not all the way in Decatur.

  • david kelley

    the don kyle sweet water deal will cost decatur residents 65 million dollars and decatur want never see a penny the only people that are for this sweet water deal aren’t from decatur.I can’t see how councilman anders and hammond and ard can get a honest night sleep after what they done here this place is also a death trap

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