UPDATE: Potential Burglar Shot By Victim Connected To Nearby Robbery

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A would-be burglary ends with the suspect shot in the chest.

Two break-ins happened minutes apart from each other Saturday morning. Huntsville Police have confirmed to WHNT News 19 the suspect involved in both cases is the same person.

This happened at a home at 2409  Dairy Lane overnight.  Police say a man knocked at the door, and said he needed help.

The 83-year-old man who lives at the home, Walter Johnson, answered the door and then went to call 911.

Police say then the man began kicking in the door and managed to get inside.

Huntsville Police say Johnson got a handgun and fired at the man once, hitting him in the chest.

Police say the man jumped out of a window and took off.

Huntsville Police got to the home shortly after that, but officers say initially they couldn't find the man.

Since Saturday morning police haven't said if they arrested the suspect.

Another incident happened shortly around the same time, just down the road.

A man fitting the same description given to officers broke into a home and demanded money. The man sleeping inside at the time managed to get away to a neighbor's house.

Huntsville Police said Monday the man is recovering from the gunshot wound and has not been formally charged. They will release his name then.




  • MMA

    Good for the homeowner! Hopefully the “thug” will succumb to his much deserved fate. society will greatly benefit from the death of this trash! Good job Homeowner. You did society a tremendous favor.

  • Jimmy Dean

    Center mass, well done grandfather. Next time try and remember to double-tap, that way they dont suffer *wink*.

    • Wake Up

      I am here. There is no doubt that guns can be very good for protection. I never denied that fact. What I pointed out in other discussions is that the research shows that most guns brought into homes are not used to protect the owners. They are more often used in bad ways not intended at the time of purchase. Also, keep in mind that this guy also broke into a house earlier and the home owner did not use a gun and still was unharmed. He did not need a gun to be safe.

      • Jim Stone

        I disagree with you Wake-up. I dont know what ‘research’ you are referring to…., “They are more often used in bad ways not intended at the time of purchase”…. This is garbage.

        *** The estimated total number of guns (both licit and illicit) held by civilians in the United States is 270,000,000 to 310,000,000.
        *** In the United States, annual deaths resulting from firearms total:
        2011 – 32,163.

        That is less than .02% of guns used that result in death. And that is on the low side of ownership numbers and assuming each death was by a unique gun. So maybe you can explain how that equals MORE OFTEN USED?

        By comparison lets take cars registered vs. death by car.

        *** In 2009 there are 254,212,610 registered passenger vehicles and 33,883 deaths.

        Its interesting how those numbers return a higher percentage but very close to guns, so your statement would mean that MOST cars are used in bad ways not intended at the time of purchase.

        “He did not need a gun to be safe” ….. He was lucky. Your statement DOES apply to criminal behavior thought. Criminal activity more often results in harm toward their victims and it IS intended.

        As a victim of violent criminal behavior I can assure you I did not have a polite conversation with the thug to determine his intentions and I was harmed. I also can assure you that I bought my first firearm with the intention of never being violated again and am not of the ‘wait and see’ mindset.

        The first guy robbed was very very lucky he was not harmed. The second guy (shooter) refused to rely on luck and took action to prevent being harmed now or in the future. Well done!

      • screw aarp

        WHAT research data?prove it, just more b/s . Its got to be embarrassing to you ,that I call you out on your b/s on this forum all the time .

      • Jim Stone

        You want my sources, lol, okay sunshine I will do your work for you, suns up and its time to stop dreaming WakeUp…

        http://www(dot)cdc(dot)gov/nchs/fastats/injury(dot)htm —- see mortality section
        http://www(dot)fhwa(dot)dot(dot)gov/policyinformation/statistics/2012/mv1(dot)cfm —- cars

        As for the number of guns in America, just google it girlfriend. The lowest number is the one I used for my post above. Feel free to use a higher number and it will lower the percentage in my favor all day long.
        You can whine and cry all you want but it wont change the stats. As to your OP-ED OPINION source thanks but I will take hard FACTS over your fluff any day.
        I have watched you cry a river on this site and I LOL your posts 9 times out of 10. People like you feel strong like ox behind your keyboard but when reality knocks on your door you come apart like a wet piece of toilet paper. Feel free to trollala away after reading this because I have no need to come back and prove anything further because I already have OH SNAP.

      • Jim Stone

        Feel free to do your own research at cdc gov/nchs/fastats/injury and fhwa.dot.gov/policyinformation/statistics/2012/mv1 and you you can see where I did my research. I love your source or rather Op-Ed opinion piece. Thanks for the laughs precious.

      • Wake Up

        Jim, I looked at what you provided. That material has nothing to do with the issue being discussed. Are you confused or just being misleading?

      • Jim Stone

        Wakeup please reread my original post. It does apply to the discussion and you asked for my sources for the numbers I quoted in an example of your flawed logic. I provided them. Now you are the one that cannot follow the topic at hand. That is typical of someone that cannot back up his opinion with hard facts. Again thanks for the laughs at your, err-um, sources.

      • Wake Up

        I took another look at your original post. It is a straw man argument. Comparing auto deaths to gun deaths is illogical. Why not compare the number of people that die falling down while they walk? Also, the aggregate number of guns owned in America and the number of gun death does not make sense. Many people own multiple guns. That changes the overall N of cases making your comparison meaningless. The material I provided is peer reviewed published research that focuses on the actual use of guns brought into the home.

  • B

    I agree with Jimmy Dean, all the way!
    Well done mr. Johnson! That’s one criminal that will think twice about trying to rob someone else.

  • Skillpot

    Well done, Walter Johnson! It is a shame the ‘suspect’ was able to walk away! But, had you put him down, you would have been in trouble with the police, even in your own home! That is the result of the liberal thinking across America!

    • Wake Up

      The Chicago police Chief Garry McCarthy held a news conference about three weeks ago. He said that the crime rate decrease is not due to the carry permits. He said it is the result of a new gang crime unit and a stronger crackdown on weapons.

    • screw aarp

      Jim, this guy, has noting to bring to the table , he just spews his far left b/s , and when called on it ,he crawling back in the wood work. dont waste your time on this community organizer,posser.

    • Jim Stone

      I see that screw aarp. I have family members who do the same thing but they are under the age of 10. Eventually they will grow up and learn that the ‘I know you are but what am I game’ is for kids. They can opine all day long but it does not change the facts and facts are based on actual data not opinion. Have a good one, I have real life to attend to so cant play make believe anymore with our ‘friend’.

  • Jim Glennaalann

    I am the victim of the other attempted robbery in the same area.I find it puzzling that thirty minutes after they left my house to respond to that incident they came back to my my house & said they had the perpetrator at the hospital. They even told me his name in case I knew him?? Why on earth are they still saying he got away??

    • sfhaas1104

      The Public Information Officer is not on duty on the weekend. Hence, no “official” statement.

  • nanapacksheat

    If every person in the country carried a gun, a criminal would think twice before committing a violation against another person. The odds are no longer in favor of the criminal. I have always had guns in my home and will always have a gun in close proximity to my person. By the age of 5 all of my children were full aware of gun safety and how to properly use a firearm.

    • Wake Up

      Do they have criminals in Australia, Japan, England, Spain, Canada, and Germany? They have very stringent gun regulations (what some call “gun free zones”) and do not have the same rate of gun violence as we do in America. They do not have everyone walking around with guns to scare off the boogie man!

      • Jim Stone

        Actually feel free to do some more skewed research Wakeup. They do have “very stringent gun regulations” and they do not have the same rate of gun violence BUT and you failed to acknowledge the huge BUT in the room, they do have a very high rate of violent crime. The criminals are still being violent and all you have to protect yourself with is a whistle and hope. (We all have seen the result of Hope) Try that the next time you are in danger. I would love to see the results.

        The countries that can no longer fight back against the criminal element have learned to be victims and not rock the boat. I refuse to live a victims lifestyle where you pay when the bad guys say pay or else. Do you really think the police have any authority over the Yakuza in Japan? Who are you going to complain to when you become their target? Thats why its called organized crime and they are the only ones that have the guns. Everyone else is just fodder.

        “They do not have everyone walking around with guns to scare off the boogie man” what a juvenile statement. In this case the first guy ran away, lucky for him he was able. The second guy could not and was able to defend himself. The criminal will think twice before doing it again UNLESS he sees one of those delicious Gun Free Zone signs telling him the coast is clear.

        I know arguing with you is like yelling at a deaf guy to watch out but hey sometimes yah just gotta try and stimulate the common sense in someone. You are welcome to argue the sky isnt blue all day and night time isnt dark but in the long run you will just prove to everyone who the id10t in the room is. Bless your heart….

      • Wake Up

        Jim, I do not see the statistics that show those countries have higher overall violent crime. Please provide what I am overlooking. Your old NRA line concerning the bad guy thinking twice is not supportable. You are theorizing to support you ideology. The thing that gives me hope for the future is that attitudes like yours (and others) are dying out like the dinosaurs of the past!

  • Wifey

    I am the wife of a man that got shot in his chest the night of these burglaries and just because my husband fits the description of the guy that did them he is in custody and our daughter and I haven’t been able to see him or talk to him. We don’t even know if he is dead or alive. I know he did not try and Rob any one for money because he had just got paid that day. He still had almost his whole paycheck and it’s not a little one paycheck either he is an electrician. Because of his past they are trying to pin it on him. He had came a long way sense he last gotten in trouble. I think it is b/s that they can try and say he did something when he didn’t because of his past. It’s also b/s that people would get on this Web site and talk about him like he is nothing. He has a wife and child that loves him very much and would be devastated and very heart broken if he dies. I want yall to think about how yall would fill if you were me an his daughter. We have been waiting scared upset and lonely sense Friday on hearing something about him. Not knowing anything at all except he was shot and it didn’t look good. Just think what you would fill like and how you would live if you were us.

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