Marshall County Leaders Take First Steps In Selling Former Pilgrim’s Building

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Marshall County Leaders are taking the first steps to sell the building Pilgrim's in Boaz used to occupy.

It's been more than two months since the Pilgrim's plant in Boaz shut down. When the plant was active it was Marshall County's biggest employer. Now that the space is empty Marshall County Economic Development Council President Matt Arnold says filling it is one of their top priorities and Friday, they're taking the first steps to do so.

Arnold says they're doing a preliminary walk -through of the building with a Pilgrim's representative to see what they're working with.

"What type of businesses, or what type of industries might be suitable for this, it's just a first walk through," Arnold says, "They've been working for the last couple of months to clean the building out, to get all the equipment out, and getting it ready for someone else to occupy it."

Arnold says the county has been in contact with some interested buyers since the closure. He says they have passed on that information to Pilgrim's.

County officials hope to sell the building as quickly as possible to bring more jobs back to the area.

Arnold says Pilgrim's will have some stipulations as to what kind of industry can go into the building, but he says those details have not been made official yet.



  • Boaz citizen

    I have lived in boaz since I was 12 , pre walker days and I can honestly say boaz was blooming , the outlets was bringing in tax money . People was getting out and enjoying the city. Now days it’s just a graveyard for businesses that once one . The cotton mill , railroad cafe , the outlets , we lost Burger King and Dairy Queen we lost a lot more and while they disappeared king walker swept it under the rug and made it seemed like he saved boaz over and over . Now that boaz is wet restaurants want to move in but king walker refuses to allow their terms cause they are not his terms . Not allowing liquor sales , Not using the outlets to boost manufacturing jobs in boaz . To be honest getting a big company like Winchester to build on the land that’s the outlets would be smarter than a in door water park. Heck there has been so much irreversible damage done to the city that it will take several decades to get boaz back to its glory . And remember all the things that’s disappeared since king walkers reign . Only people who have anything good to say about him are the brainwashed people he goes to church with and a handful of business owners that miss his butt in fear .

  • Boaz Cititzen 1

    It’s just like the free concert every year is just a political stunt to help him out on elections. Walker and Half of the city council and city workers are part of the good ole boy system, and just my opinion I can not wait till he gets voted out I just hope other people realize he has done a terrible job. I have lived in Boaz all my life and it’s getting embarrassing to tell anyone where your from now because all they do is say how much fun they had coming and shopping, but everything now is a ghost town. It is bad when companies will go to leave Boaz and show up in Guntersville and Albertville. Both of those city council must be doing something right because they keep growing while we lag behind and they wonder whats wrong.

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