Church Welcomes Evacuees During Shooting Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Officers knocked on doors and urged people leave the area during the early morning hours. People pulled away from their homes were not left out in the cool air.

Weapons started firing around 1 o’clock Friday morning. Law enforcement evacuated residents minutes later.

“I could not give you that amount or a count right now,” said Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris.

The pastor of First Baptist Church on Governors Drive might know. Staff at the church welcomed everyone evacuated from their homes.

“It`s just one less thing you have to deal with when you have a place to put displaced individuals,” added Chief Morris.

Chief Morris did not know how long people would be out of their homes. But, he knew each one was safe.

He offers thanks to the church members for the role they played.

“They not only opened their church, but provided some snacks and drinks, not only to the people displaced, but anyone else,” added Chief Morris.

Officer Jason Moore patrols the southern precinct on third shift. He's also a member of the SWAT team. Members of the church know Moore as one of their security officers.

Pastor David Hull told WHNT News 19:

"First Baptist Church is most grateful for the work of the Huntsville Police Department. Their bravery in the line of fire kept a neighborhood safe. First Baptist was just being a good neighbor last night as our building was used by people who were evacuated from their homes during the shooting."

Pastor Hull went on to say the congregation prayed for Officer Moore.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Thank you Pastor Hull for giving shelter to those who were threatened last night as your Church has done good works before for friends of mine.

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